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Example Essay On Safety In The Workplace

❶As with most firms, we understand that it is in all likelihood easier and cheaper to address substance abuse issues with the employee than it is to find, hire and train…… [Read More].

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A Short Essay On Industrial Safety
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Jul 11, Example Papers. Working on a workplace safety essay for a course? Academic work can bring plenty of stress! Get in touch for a no-obligation quote! Recently, a worker in Lindenhurst was injured in an industrial accident. The worker was severely injured when his arm was caught in a conveyor belt during routine work. The incident resulted in the individual suffering severe burns down his left arm as well as tearing and cuts to the same arm.

This incident could have been averted through additional safeguards in the facility; due to this, the incident can be attributed to a systems management error, which is a concept discussed under the systems management model of accident prevention. The systems management model of accident prevention discusses industrial accidents that have been caused due to problems with machinery.

In this instance, there were significant issues with a conveyor belt, which resulted in a worker being severely injured. The conveyor belt either did not have safeguards in place to protect against body parts that have been trapped or had failed versions of these safeguards.

The systems management model of accident prevention urges those who manage these industrial systems to ensure that these systems are up to date, reliable, and overall implemented in a safe manner. By analysing this situation under this model, the reasons for this accident become apparent; additionally, methods that can be used to avert future accidents become apparent.

Do not wear ties, rings or watches etc. Always use proper tools, and they should be free from grease and oil, and properly maintained. Never check for leaks in a pressurised system with hand, as this may drive oil through pores under the skin. Hazard is a source or a situation with potential to cause harm in terms of human injury or ill-health, damage to property or environment or both. Hazard control is that function which is oriented towards recognizing, evaluating and working towards eliminating hazards and destructive effects found at the work-place.

These may be due to contact of body with wire, cable or rail or from stroke of lightening. Another result is burning and the burns may be severe and deep, especially with higher voltage. The usage of chemicals with the resultant hazardous gases, vapours and fumes is one of the most dangerous industries.

Several toxic chemicals and fluids are found in industries using sulphuric acid, nitric acid, soda, chloride of lime, chloride of phosphrous, sulphur chloride, phosphene chloride of zinc, nitrous chloride, iodine, artificial fertilizers, rubber, petroleum, tar etc. There should be proper facilities to impart training in safety measures to the worker. This can be accomplished by safety posters, safety films, safety contests and suggestions. These are useful to increase the interest of employees in accident prevention.

The purpose of this training is to induce care in the use of dangerous tools or in carrying out risky operations. Training manager identifies the training need of every person in the organisation with long range and short range planning. Training record is maintained for every employee and training requirements are reviewed regularly.

Safety training is an important factor in managing safety in any industry. Specific Training should be provided to the persons with safety related tasks such as crane operators, slingers, plant operators etc.

But we know that legislation alone cannot ensure safety in industrial operations, unless effective approach to prevention of accidents and promotion of safety consciousness in industry is achieved. To assure safety to workers and eliminating chances of damage to machinery and equipment, Indian Standards Institute has done commendable job.

Certain persons are made responsible for safety aspect in the organisation. Now-a-days, safety committee concept is becoming popular. This also helps in creating safety consciousness. This is a body which deals all matters related to safety.

Safety programmes analyses causes of accidents, and takes remedial measures which aim at r educing accidents and losses which might occur due to them.

Special trainings are imparted to employees on safety aspects. In order to create awareness, safety weeks are organised, safety instructions are displayed. It is also necessary to make necessary safety rules and enforce them. For effectiveness of the safety programmes in an industry, it is necessary to identify the causes of accidents, study them, and take effective steps for their prevention.

Lack of training has been identified as one of the major causes of accidents. This phase is necessary to maintain enthusiasm and energy levels which do not deteriorate with time. There are large numbers of factors affecting the safety, but they can be divided into following categories: Now-a-days equipment are manufactured keeping all safety aspects in mind, therefore, not much concentration is required for safety aspects related to equipment, except maintenance.

Working environment is the single biggest factor affecting safety aspects. It varies from concern to concern, and on the type of industry, and not always possible to establish ideal conditions. However serious efforts should be made to arrive at them. It has been experienced that a man can easily lift about 22 kg and woman about 16 kg. But while doing work continuously in a bent position even with a small load, there will be immense strains on spine and back muscles that may result in injury especially for aged workers.

Therefore, efforts must be made to keep the material at a certain height so as to minimise the strain and fatigue. Many processing and manufacturing industries use chemicals in one or other form. Therefore, extra care should be made and recommended safe practices should be adopted for the receipts, storage, handling and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous materials. Safety shoes, protective clothing, respirators are also used to protect from hostile environment.

Personal protection equipment PPE is attached to the human body for protection against injury or harm. Human body is delicate and prone to injury by various industrial hazards.

Use of PPE helps in minimising injury. However, the PPE provides additional and essential back-up protection to the workers. Attempts are therefore made to design process of construction and generation of power efficiently and safely. Efforts should also be made to keep all hazards under control. It must be kept in mind that PPE do not eliminate the hazard, these are designed to interpose an effective barrier between a person and harmful objects, substances or radiations.

Some firms have elaborate arrangements of stretcher service, ambulance arrangements, surgeries etc. And hence, it is essential that the management should be fully equipped to offer first-aid to the workers. The specified contents of first-aid box in workshops employing more than 60 persons as per Factory Act are: The following precautions must be observed while working on electrical works to protect against shocks: If a person gets an electric shock, rescue him with the help of an insulator.

If the insulator is not available use your feet and not the hands to rescue him. If any person gets an electric shock, the following steps must be taken for his treatment: If the person who is shocked by electricity is in contact with the electrical machine or an apparatus, then one person for saving him should stand on a dry wooden chair while removing the victim; otherwise pull him with the help of a dry coat, dry rope or coconut matting etc.

If not breathing artificial respiration methods should be adopted to recover him. Do not give him any liquid to drink. Based on contents of extinguishing media, fire-extinguishers are classified into following categories: These are filled with water, and non-corrosive anti-freeze agents are added to it.

The gas required to expel the water is stored in a cartridge lifted with a sealing device which is pierced when the extinguisher is operated. These have two containers, one inside the other. When the extinguisher is actuated by inversion, the two solutions are mixed and produce the foam and a gas which acts as an expellant.

This is similar to earlier one, except that this has no inner container. However, this should be balance since being overprotective on children can have adverse effects on child upbringing thus affecting the personal development of children negatively.

Therefore, should come up with necessary measures aimed at balancing between child upbringing and protection. At school, children are also are exposed to a lot of risks and therefore teachers should ensure that such children are well protected. Children are with their teachers for an average 14 percent of their time and therefore it is crucial for families to reinforce messages regarding learning on their children outside of school.

These measures will help in balancing between child upbringing and protection both at school and at home which will enhance family engagement. Perfect balance between upbringing and protection of children will help in ensuring that children are not overprotected and therefore they are able to do their normal things that they love and at the same time they are safe from risks.

This is because being overprotective on children will affect the personality of those children negatively and also reduce their self-confidence which would eventually have a negative effect on their success.

When children are over- protected they will become independent therefore they will have no confidence which would affect negatively their learning at school.

Therefore, in order for children to have normal development and having improved learning they should ensure that there a perfect balance between the protection and upbringing of their children. Balance between protection and upbringing of children will also help teacher candidates who have interest in early child development and family engagement and learning. This is because he or she will able to handle the pupils well where he or she will be able to balance between children personal development also at the same time safeguarding their protection.

Also the teacher candidate will be able to know where to engage the parents to the children to ensure that there is a perfect collaboration between schools and families towards achievement of the students.

This will enhance family engagement which will oversee proper development and learning of the children. Over-protection is a case where parents prevent their children from doing normal things which they love doing.

This may affect the children since these normal things are helpful in refining their personality. Therefore, over-protection is where more focus is put towards protection of children more than upbringing. According to the researchers, parents who are overprotective have a perception that they are helping their children through safeguarding their safety however they are unaware that this style of parenting will have adverse effects on their children.

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Safety means protecting ourselves from any danger that may hurt us or endanger to our lives. Unsafe practice is a great peril to both life and property. A two wheeler rider who rides recklessly not only risks his own life, but also the other road users. School children getting run over by their same school [ ].

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The objectives of this essay to discuss the safety and wellbeing of all workers are necessary for the organization not only for consistent productivity but also due to regulatory requirements. Workers and human resources are the necessary components of all organizations due to their role in the effective accomplishment of objectives.

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Essay on Safety Culture Safety culture is a complex structure in an organization that includes values and attitudes most of which are potentially changeable and related to actual accident behavior. The components of safety culture included organizational commitment. Importance of Road Safety. Everyday dozens of lives are lost in our roads as a result of careless driving, over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or even using mobile phones while driving or crossing the road by pedestrians.

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Personal, safety equipment’s are necessary to protect from any acci­dent, like hard hats for construction workers, safety goggles and shields for welders etc. Safety shoes, protective clothing, respirators are also used to protect from hostile environment. Workplace Safety essay paper. May 13, Posted by essay-writer in Free essays. Most employees expect their workplace to offer them a safe environment in which they can work. It is known that some workplaces are safer than others. Workplace safety is a priority in for most workplaces that is why employers care about employee’s safety.