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My essay about my favorite room. Please correct it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

❶When she had went to Texas for two weeks like couple of weeks ago, I had slept there when I went to Sanger. Well I also need food water and the restroom but those come up when I mostly need it.

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When I was small I use to always want my room to be up there but sadly it never happened. My favorite room in my house of course is the kitchen. It's cause im always right there eating or just looking at my mom cook. I spend most of the time in the kitchen table. My mom tells me that thats like my room because im always right there when I ain't busy.

I love being there because I love eating. If I ain't in the kitchen im in my room sleeping or talking on the phone. I go to the kitchen like every 20 mins just to get a little snack or just for a drink. Its my favorite because there isn't anything there that you need. People tell me don't you get fo of just eating all the time.

My answer is no. I love food and I could eat for days. I do look small and skinny but I could eat. People get mad because they tell me why dont you get fat. The one room I like in my house is my room. My room is the best cause it has everything I want. I have my xbox , games for it, and all sorts of cool things to look at and play with. Everybody likes my room cause its like somewhere you can chill when your tired or whatever. I also have a big 40 inch t. My bed is so bouncy and relaxing when lay on it you might fall asleep.

I wanted to paint my room black and white plus a little silver or gray. I am a Oakland Raiders fan so their is a lot of stuff in there that is black, white, and silver. In my that room that's mine is the only one I like. No one else has something as cool as my room. My favorite room in my house I would have to say it's my bedroom. The reason my bedroom is the my favorite room in my house, because it's the biggest room in my house. I have everything in my room my plat screen,my Ps3, and my surround sound.

Obviously, when I want some alone time I go to my bedroom and be on my laptop or playing Black Ops. I really don't like being in my living room, because my twin sister and I fight for the T.

So when I want to watch my favorite program I just go to my bedroom. I also like my bedroom, because I have my own mini fridge and I put all my snacks in my mini fridge. My bedroom is the most soothing place in the whole house, because no one enters my bedroom. That's the reasons why my bedroom is my most favorite spot in my bedroom. I also go in my bedroom to work on my homework and won't get disturbed. My room is a great place to be in I get the best internet access.

So that's why my bedroom is my most favorite place in my house. I like to be in my room instead of any other place in my house. No one really bothers me when I'm in my room because they know I will get mad. Sometimes I go a whole day in my room. I like to be in my room for a lot of reasons but mostly to get away from everyone. I think I like my room so much because I have it the way I want. My ps3 is probably the most important thing to me in my room besides my bed. The walls in my room are covered with a lot of different things.

When I get mad at someone I have to go to my room or I will start saying bad things and get in more trouble with my dad. I really hate when I lock my door and people still ask if they can come in. When I'm in my room I want to relax and have time to myself. Also, I have a strobe light in my room, I think that's pretty cool. My favorite room in my house is my room because it has my bed where all the magic happens.

I got everything I work out with in there and thats important to me. I got all my close in there all my pink dolphin that I love. My room is the place that i can escape from everything, if I'm feeling down I go in there and play my ps3. My friends always come to my room and we just chill talk about girls while we play ps3.

My bed is the best bed room in the world its huge and comfortable every girl would like it. Im trying to get a studio in my room so we can rap or whatever. I love my room I been through a lot with that room. I just need to get more things to make it better. My favorite room in my home is my room because I can do anything I want. I also like it because I have all my things in there so I can do what I want. Another reason why I like it is because its my own private get away.

I have everything I need in there. I have my bed, my t. These are the things I mostly need if I'm going to be in my room all day. Well I also need food water and the restroom but those come up when I mostly need it. It's my own private get away because I feel so free and calm when I'm in my room.

There is nothing I can't do when I'm in my room. I can be on my bed laying down all day if I wanted to. This is why my favorite room in the house is my own room. My Favorite room, from my house is my room.

I really like my room because I like to be alone and it is always good and lonely in there. When ever I feel sad or just don't want to talk to anybody, my room is the best place to be at. I just like to be in y room at ant time because it causes relaxation and I just feel happy to be there. I really enjoy being in my room but sometimes it is best to be in the living room if I want to watch T. The living room is more like a family place for all of us, we all go their to do family things and to play things like: We all have fun here and I know that we all love these moments in the living room.

I really enjoy every part of my home, from the living room to the garage, I like every single room and enjoy different things about each room like the silence in my room, and the family fun in the living room, the amazing smell and food from the kitchen, and even my brothers room even if it smells like popcorn.

I think that every part of my house is unique and I like every single corner and wall, I just love my home. My favorite part of home to me. Is my room just of all the memories. I like it because it has a door to my restroom an at night I could just go threw it.

I just like cause I got all my stuff in there an its in the far end of my house away from my parents. I got my tv an my ps3 system. An all my soccer trophies. An posters that I hang once a while. I might have a mess but its all my stuff and I just like it. The best part of my room is I got all my things an when friends come over we don't bother no one an we hang out. The thing I like is that we could play ps3 all day an just chill- kick back. Drowning and children younger than 15 years old in the United States.

I know many of you may have small children and relatives so this may be of some interest to you My Favorite Room play some pool, or just get away from the stress of every day life.

It has no stress related items such as a telephone, computer, desk, and no pagers are allowed Pool And Tennis Committee members: Pool Personalities The average person I play is just out looking for a good time. It could be someone trying to free his or her mind after a stressful day at work, or a group of friends hanging out for a while Ambition Rosemary Well's When No One Was Looking is a suspenseful story of a girl's ambition, friendship, and love of tennis, that takes her to the top.

Although she is not beautiful, rich, or good in school, fourteen year old Kathy Bardy has a natural talent for tennis When No One Was Looking: Ambition Kathy loves tennis.

She finally finds something that she is good at, and practically makes her into a celebrity. Kathy is told by many people, including Marty her tennis instructor, that she has got what it takes to make it to the top

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Andrea Cropp Descriptive essay Do you have a favorite room in your house? Mine just so happens to be my bedroom. My bedroom is .

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My favorite room for me is my bed room. Perhaps the bed room is the most important room in many h. Apr 07,  · Cheap University Papers on My favorite room I feel like am very fortunate to have all of these things. My room may not be much different from the next teenagers but that fact that it is the way I want it and Author: Jahn.

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