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Why can't I do my homework?

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I know exactly what to do, and my homework is seemingly easy if I actually get round to doing it, but I just can't physically put pen to paper or cursor to word document at the majority of times! Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I know why you cant do your homework, its because you DON'T want to do it, which is the same for everyone. I did this once and its amazing how much more work you do!

I've continued doing this ever since. I have to admit I was like you when I was doing my GCSE's, but as soon as I began my A levels I realised that I really must do the work because you just fall behind and never catch up and get so stressed! Just give yourself an AIM for when you finish your homework, such as if I finish all my homework I will get to go out at the weekend, or that night, or even get to go on facebook.

And if you dont finish your work, you won't do any of these things. I always tell somebody about my aim so they make sure that I do all my work! It actually really does help and it means that I dont get as stressed! I've also found that listening to music helps me concentrate, as long as its not too loud or too quiet.

Music also helps block out all the distractions from people around you. I hope i've helped! Give these ideas a try, if it doesnt suit you, then I'm sure you will find some other way to focus on your homework!

For the best answers, search on this site https: Homework helps, even though it's a pain. Though I would say to limit it to a half an hour to forty five minutes a night. Don't want to get burnt out. I force myself and actually get the work done. You are spending your valuable time busy doing nothing as the song says.

Not following our rules is grounds for a ban. Need help getting back on your feet? Need serious help with suicidal thoughts or feelings? The first transgender suicide hotline is now up and running in the US. You can reach Trans Lifeline at Please use a name a made up one would be fine for the characters in your event.

It is just easier to follow along if you are using names. If you post something and don't see it in the "new" setting, please message the moderators , with a link to your post. I just can't seem to do school work anymore.

I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I'm failing a good half of my classes because I can't do the work. I'm just so exhausted when I get home. It's not that I don't try. But I just end up staring at a blank piece of paper for three hours. It's like I physically can't do my homework. My mother screams at me because my grades are so low but I just can't do anything. It's not that the work is challenging I find most of it extremely easy I just think it's the anxiety of knowing I have to do this tedious work when all I want to do is sleep.

I don't want to end up a high school dropout but I've been in this rut for a few years now and have had to retake a few classes already. I think it's sometimes just coming to terms with the fact that I know I can't go to college I'm very poor and I'm not good enough to get scholarships and even if I did they wouldn't be enough for me to afford it and I refuse to live a life of debt.

I feel like I'm doomed to flip burgers for the rest of my life. If anyone has any solutions or suggestions it would be very appreciated. When you mention sleep, that sounds interesting to me.

I think I have the same problem as you. I don't know what to do about it. Try not rewarding yourself, just sittin at a desk and forcing yourself to not get off your chair. Your mind will play tricks on you: Once you get off your chair to supposedly do one of these things, you won't get back on. Don't bring your phone to the desk with you.

You can sleep on the desk, do whatever, but the only thing you are allowed to have is your homework, and writing utensils. Eventually, even if it takes 5 hours, you will do your homework. Or spend the rest of your life their. My own laziness that's making my write this instead of doing my homework. A fellow procrastinator heh? Whelp, here's what I always did.

Depending on when you get out of class is how you need to occupy your time. Spend hours at the computer, enjoying yourself, then after play-Jack needs to get to work. I normally went to a place that was comfortable instead of boring, otherwise you're going to dread it the entire time. Try listening to music while working, which can actually help you as it puts a rhythm into how you're processing the work.

Put some imagination into it, kinda Hollywood what you're reading or use innovative techniques in the math.

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Just focus on doing that particular piece of homework, because I know for me when I have a lot of work all I can think about is how much I have to do, and I can't concentrate on .

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I seem to do well on all of the tests, but when I get home from school and I have to do my homework, I just can’t make myself do it. My teachers ask me why I don’t do my homework and I tell them I just don’t care anymore.

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Best online service that can do my homework for me. Complete confidentiality and timely delivery. Expert writers are here to help students. Jul 26,  · How to Find Motivation to Do Homework. If you really don't want to do your homework, then just get everything ready to do your homework: paper, pencil, textbook, and maybe a cup of tea. if you can't be specific about what was actually hindering you. The teacher will start explaining too basically or too advanced, and not help you (this 74%().

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For example, math homework needs to be accurate and precise, because even the tiniest mistake can lead you to the wrong answer and negatively affect the grade you worked so hard on achieving A major cause of agony for Aspergers (high functioning autistic) students, their parents and educators is the unsatisfactory completion of homework. O n occasion emails pop into my inbox from mamas. May 21,  · Best Answer: Hey I don't do my homework. Then in the morning I'm all like, crap I'm f***ed up if I dont do this so I do I in the morning. I think I have the same problem as you. I don't know what to do about it. Try not rewarding yourself, just sittin at Status: Resolved.