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Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them?

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❶I made an account and I didn't find what I was looking for, but it has a lot of options, otherwise.


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I am very displeased and discouraged in fair employment opportunities. Functionally speaking, CareerBuilder is basically on par with other job sites. The postings seem consistent with others nothing exclusive, not too much seen on other boards not showing here. The profile and resume tools are as expected. The one thing I noted was that the saved search and email alert function are useless.

For one reason or another, they don't bother to save all the parameters including the preferred industries , so the results are way broader than you think you're getting. The other big downer about this and why I had to cancel is that if you share your contact info, you get inundated with spam.

Loads of email and phone contacts from supposed people offering career opportunities, but really trying to recruit franchisees, insurance agents, and other such schemes. The few communications you see regarding actual jobs are obviously mass-email advertisements from body shops that have clearly not even attempted to classify your profile. It seems that CareerBuilder is first a mass lead-generator for these businesses using shady tactics to prey on jobseekers and second a jobseekers' platform.

I have been a recruiter for over 20 years and trying to establish an account with this company has been a complete joke. I'm starting a new business and because I did not have my email address or website set up yet they said they could not verify it and I was a fraudulent account.

I sent the LLC letter right from the state still no one could fix this. The only answer they gave was we can't do business with you and not one person no matter how far I went up the chain and tried to get them what they needed could fix this and or even follow up. I've never written a review in my professional history.

You have to really get under my skin for me to waste my time doing this. You all need serious help with account sales and customer service. I find this website very good and easy for find what I was looking for and the emails telling about job in my file really did help me a lot. Career Builder is it good site for people looking for employment. They send you texts every day and emails on jobs that you're interested and more just in case you want to change your career too.

Pretty easy site to use and if you don't have time to check your email that's okay because you'll get daily text sometimes more than one or two. It's a great site for the unemployed. I made an account and it was easy and simple. Ask all the right questions, filled it out like an application. But I never did find a job there. They kept sending me jobs that I had no interest in or experiencing or qualified in.

Don't know where they got all that from because what I filled out the application I did not put that down. I was very clear on what I was interested in. Career Builder send you jobs that are miles away. Sometimes not even did the state to live. And the text messages can be annoying at times especially when the jobs you have no interest in and never applied for.

But they work hard on trying to get you a job. The search engine made it easy and simple for me to look for specific jobs. I was able to get certain job listings upon my filters. However, it ran very slow.

It also showed some job listings that I was not interested in even though I filtered for certain jobs. Other than those it was very simple to create my account. I am in the desktop, laptop computer business.

I have been in security for numerous years and they had a wide variety on the type of job I was looking for and within 15 miles of my home. I used CareerBuilder not only for helping me to find a job but also helped me to put a resume together as most employers require that now and after being with the same company for 27 years it was difficult for me to even attempt getting a new job.

It was easy to connect with prospective employers because CareerBuilder listed the job in great detail and what your qualifications needed to be. I will use CareerBuilder. They're fast, efficient and fair. Career Builders offer a large selection of potential prospective employers that are located in my hometown, while appeals to me because I won't have to commute back and forth to work. They are pretty much state of the arts when it comes to pairing the right candidate with the right potential employers.

This saves time and effort when conducting a job search. But I wish they offered more potential prospective employers that are within my ZIP code, which would lessen my time to commute back and forth to work. I had to create an account. Thereafter, I also had to post my resume, and on occasion, I also had to update my resume to curtail it for the position I was interested in applying for.

I always had to create an account, and post my resume with each of these search engines to ensure proper recipient to receive my resume along with proper follow up with each employers whom I've submitted to resumes to. They have a great set up and a large variety of jobs to search through. You can put up your resume so employers can contact you if you qualify for the job they are hiring for.

I created an account so I could apply for open positions and upload my resume. But after a while, you can figure it out before you get frustrated and give up altogether. It's a great site with a lot of job opportunities. I like this site because it matches your profile with great employers who are looking for someone with exactly what you're looking for saving me time. I am instantly connected. I made my account and downloaded my resume. I was connected with job opportunities that I qualified for.

It's very simple to use and I landed over 3 interviews in one week. But I would like more job opportunities in the city I live in. This would lower travel money providing me with the convenience of working close to home. This feature would help. Don't like to travel to work every day.

I was contacted by a recruiter after responding to a lot of Admin. I asked if they had even looked at my resume. Since it appeared to me that was not even glanced at. I had spent a lot of time make sure I was a good fit for position before applying, I don't want to waste their time. Why would recruiter want to waste mine? I asked since they didn't seem to care to remove me from their list and make no more contact.

Five minutes give or take, she sent a listing for general labor and lawn service. I let go on the person and refuse to have any more dealings with CareerBuilder's from now on. If a company hires someone like that, I have no faith in them. I take my time when I apply make sure I'm a good fit. Why would someone just be obnoxious, rude, unprofessional, and just what's the word?

Bad day, so what me too, I do not have a job, you do so you are ridiculing me? Thanks but no thanks. CareerBuilder has always been off about jobs sent to me, but not like this. It has the ability to filter by annual pay, date posted, company, category, and hours. It also has the ability to save your resume.

It is also fairly easy to use. But it has fewer jobs listed than on other websites. I am not sure how this could be solved other than more advertising or perks for employers to post their job openings. I have not made an account yet because I prefer to use other websites. It is harder to look for jobs on this site due to the lack of jobs posted.

It's very easy to navigate through the website. I like this very much. I plan on using this a lot more in the future.

But I would categorize it a lot better and have more jobs on there. I would also make it easier to get a hold of job opportunities period. Nevertheless, I really like this website a lot. It was very easy uploading my resume and deregistering. It was easy to find a job. I found everything I needed and timely manner. You put in where you are looking for a job, salary range you are looking for. You can upload your resume, so that you don't have to type it in each time for school job that you apply for.

The way it is set up is just right! I put in my name, address, date of birth, education, what types of positions I was interested in and the area I was interested in with a mile radius all based on what the positions stated needed qualifications. I uploaded my resume and posted it to the jobs that I applied for. I put in the types of jobs I was interested in and it was very easy to find those jobs because it came up with a list and then when I found jobs that I was interested in, I decided that I wanted to use the site to apply for those open positions.

It search jobs in your area and your radius is very helpful. The website is pretty awesome. I received a few callbacks each time I do applications. I love the website. Once you make your account it keep you updated daily. You keep posting jobs in your field.

The website is pretty good and I would recommend it. At first I was not happy about having to make an account but it ended up working for the best in the end. It was very easy for me to make an account and find job listings.

Most of the listings led me to the application process. All of my preferences, information and search history are saved so that whenever I log on, easy to access and new jobs that fit my interest appear. I liked that I could find positions I was interested in with clear search terms and the website was easy to navigate. But some of the postings were unclear or irrelevant. There is always a job posting I can choose from and I like the filtering system also.

I made an account and it is simple and I was able to find job listings. I was actually lucky enough to get a job. But I would make resume building and also resume attached to the website. For example I want to be able to email my resume straight to the employer from the app. It was difficult to find job listings. I would improve the search functions. I had to use several different combinations of search words before I found what I was looking for. I remember using Monster in the past and even that was slightly better.

There should be some incentive for people to list on the site so there will be more options for people searching for a job. Also, a lot of the jobs that came up weren't what I was looking for. It was a little disappointing and discouraging and I went to other sites after this. I think there aren't enough people using them. It was easy to create an account in CareerBuilder.

Of course, the decision to keep it the same or change it up will always be yours to make. You can also simply browse the website and see what jobs may be available to your liking. CareerBuilder offers several ways in which you can search for a job including:. CareerBuilder offers lots of help for free and because of that there is a drawback. There are a lot of ads and sometimes even some pop-ups that must be contended with if you are going to make use of their site.

However, with all the resources that the website offers, looking at some advertising is a small price to pay, especially if it means that you may find a great paying job near you. Another minor drawback is that their customer service access is limited to 12 hours a day, Monday though Friday. But, you can get someone as early as 8: CareerBuilder allows anyone to enjoy the most basic features of its website absolutely free.

There are several options that will allow you to get even more out of your job hunt, though you may have to pay for those.

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Original review: May 24, On May 23, I received phone calls and text messages regarding a job offer where the caller stated they found my resume on Career builder resume writing service review In the age of online marketing and search engine optimization, rankings are paramount to your success. You would be shocked at resume many Service resumes are out there resume any .