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Glossary of the American trucking industry

CB Terminology (Trucker Slang)

❶When you talk over somebody who's trying to transmit. It was the original Facebook or MySpace long before the internet!

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The Trucking Terms Your Mom Warned You About
Trucking Terminology
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Archived from the original on Wide-base tires may not be ready for line-haul applications". Modern Tire Dealer Magazine. Newcom Business Media Inc. Flatbed Trailer Side Tarp System". Archived from the original on July 21, Trucking industry in the United States. Access America Transport C. Glossary of the American trucking industry. The Rolling Memorial Citizens band radio.

Defunct companies are shown in italics. Retrieved from " https: Trucking industry in the United States Wikipedia glossaries. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Articles with permanently dead external links. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 30 July , at Crackerhead A derogatory term; insult. Crotch rocket A motorcycle built for speed; not a Harley-Davidson. Deadhead Pulling an empty trailer. Diesel car A semi- tractor. I didn't hear or understand you. Double nickel 55 mph. Doubles Refers to a set of double trailers. Driving award A speeding ticket. Downstroke Driving downwards, downhill, on a decline. Dragon wagon A tow truck. Dragonfly A truck with no power, especially going uphill. Dry box An unrefrigerated, freight trailer.

Also considered a dry van wheeler Any tractor-trailer. Evil Knievel A law enforcement officer on a motorcycle. Eyeball To see something. Feeding the bears Paying a ticket or citation. Fingerprint To unload a trailer by yourself. Flip-flop Refers to a u-turn, or a return trip.

Four-letter word Open; referring to weigh stations being open or closed. Freight shaker A Freightliner truck. Front door In front of you. Full-grown bear State Trooper, or Highway Patrol. Garbage hauler A produce load, or produce haulers. Gear Jammer A driver who speeds up and slows down with great frequency. General mess of crap A GMC truck Georgia overdrive Putting the transmission into neutral on a downgrade, to go extremely fast.

Go-go juice Diesel fuel. Good buddy This used to be the thing to say: Not anymore, as this calling someone a homosexual. Good neighbor Usually used when you're showing appreciation to another driver, as in "thank you, good neighbor". Got my nightgown on I'm in the sleeper, and ready to go to sleep. Go to company When you tell another driver from your company to go to the designated company CB channel. Drivers do this so that they can talk about company business or personal matters without monopolizing channel Go to the Harley Turn your CB to channel 1.

Got your ears on? Are you listening Gouge on it Go fast, put the throttle to the floor, step on it, etc. Granny lane The right, slower lane on a multi-lane highway, or on the Interstate. Greasy Icy, or slippery. Greasy side up A vehicle that's flipped over. Grossed out Your gross vehicle weight is at maximum capacity; commonly 80, pounds. Ground pressure The weight of your truck, as in "the scale's testing your ground pressure". Gumball machine The lights on top of a patrol car. Hammer down Go fast, step on it.

Hammer lane The left, passing lane of traffic. Hand, Han What a driver sometimes calls another driver. Stems from the term farmhand, and means helper, or fellow worker. CB handles are nicknames which are used to identify the speaker, in place of on actual name.

A driver often selects his own handle, one that he feels reflects his personality, or describes his way of driving. Happy happy Happy new year; "Have a happy happy, driver".

Having "shutter trouble" Having trouble keeping awake. Holler Call me on the radio, as in "give me a holler when you get back". Home 20 A driver's home location. How 'bout When you're trying to contact other drivers, you can say "how 'bout you, eastbound?

Hood A conventional tractor, as opposed to a cab-over. Hundred dollar lane, high dollar lane In certain heavily populated areas, trucks will be prohibited from driving in the far left lane, with a heavy fine for violators. This term refers to that prohibited lane. Jackpot Same as gumball machine, refers to a patrol car's lights. Key down When you talk over somebody who's trying to transmit.

A bigger, more powerful radio can easily drown out a lesser one. Key up Pushing the transmit button on the CB Mike. In my back pocket Behind you; a place you've passed. In the big hole The top gear of the transmission. K-whopper A Kenworth tractor, or just KW. Kojak with a Kodak Law enforcement using a radar gun. Land line A stationary telephone; not a cellular-phone.

Large car A conventional tractor, often with a big sleeper, lots of chrome and lights, etc. Left Coast The West Coast. Local information A driver asks for local information when he needs directions in area he's unfamiliar with.

Local-yokel A county, city, or small-town officer. Lollipop The small reflector or marker poles on the sides of the highway. Lot lizard A prostitute that solicits truck-to-truck in a truck stop or rest area. Lumper Casual labor that loads or unloads your trailer, often requiring payment in cash. Male buffalo A male prostitute. Mama-bear Refers to a female law enforcement officer.

Mash your motor Go fast, step on it. Same as gouge on it and hammer down. Meat wagon An ambulance. Merry merry Merry Christmas. Motion lotion Diesel fuel.

Moving on Heading down the road. Mud duck A weak radio signal. Negatory Negative or no. On the side On standby. Parking lot An auto transporter, often used when the trailer is empty. Pay the water bill Taking a rest room break. Pickle park A rest area frequented by lot lizards prostitutes. Pigtail The electrical connection from the tractor to the trailer.

Plain wrapper An unmarked law enforcement vehicle, usually said with color added as a description: Plenty of protection Usually means there's plenty of police in the area, but I've heard it used to tell drivers to go ahead and step on it because there's speeding four-wheelers ahead blocking or covering for them. Pogo stick Usually a metal, flexible support located on the tractor catwalk, that holds up the connections to the trailer.

Power up Go faster, speed up. Preeshaydit Thank you, I appreciate it. Pumpkin A Schneider truck, because of it's orange color. Radio A CB radio. Radio check How's my radio working, transmitting, getting out there.

Rambo Someone who talks really tough on the radio, especially when no one else knows where they are. Ratchet jaw Someone who talks a lot on the radio, while keying-up the whole time and not letting anyone else get a chance to talk. Reading the mail Not talking; just listening to the radio.

Reefer Usually refers to refrigerated van trailer, but sometimes just to the reefer unit itself. Rest-a-ree-a Another way to say rest area. Road pizza Roadkill on the side of the road. Rockin' chair A truck that's in the middle of two other trucks. Roger beep An audible beep that sounds when a person has un-keyed the mike, and finished his transmission. Used on only a small percentage of radios, and not recommended. Roller skate Any small car. Rooster cruiser A big, fancy truck; a large, conventional tractor with a lot of lights and chrome.

Runnin'you across The weigh station is open, and they're weighing trucks, probably in a quick fashion. Salt shaker The road maintenance vehicles that dumps salt or sand on the highways in the winter. Sandbagging To listen to the radio without talking; also "readin' the mail".

Sandbox An escape ramp, which sometimes uses sand to stop vehicles. Schneider eggs The orange cones in construction areas. Seat cover Sometimes used to describe drivers or passengers of four-wheelers.

Sesame Street Channel 19 on the CB. Shiny side up Your vehicle hasn't flipped over after a rollover or accident. Shooting you in the back You're being shot with a radar gun as your vehicle passes a law enforcement vehicle. Short short A short amount of time. Shutdown Put out of service by the DOT because of some violation. Sleeper creeper A prostitute; same as a lot lizard. Skateboard A flatbed, or flatbed trailer. Smokin' scooter A law enforcement officer on a motorcycle.

Smokin' the brakes The trailer brakes are literally smoking from overuse down a mountain grade. Smokey or Smokey Bear A law enforcement officer, usually highway patrol. Split A junction, where the road goes in separate directions. Spy in the sky A law enforcement aircraft, same as a "bear in the air". Stagecoach A tour bus.


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Trucking Terms: ABCs of Understanding The Trucker Language. The Trucking Terms Your Mom Warned You About. In this series, I'm going to break down general trucking terms as well as some "driver speak" - those words and phrases that are likely to be heard of the CB radio. Yes, the 's phenomena CB radio is still widely used across the.

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Glossary and Dictionary of Trucking Terms. Use the search boxes below to search for a trucking term or definition. Search for a term. Search for a definition: Not sure what you're looking for? Click a letter to display the terms and definitions. "Apportion" is a synonymous term. PTDI: Professional Truck Driver .

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The term used for the practice of contacting other trucking companies in an area where a driver needs a load, and selecting from available 'overbooked' loads. Truck A tractor which carries cargo in a body (van, tank, etc.) which is mounted to its chassis, possibly in addition to a . A Guide to Truckers Slang Truck drivers drive hundreds of miles and spend hours in trucks on a daily basis. Through the use of CB radios and visits with fellow truck drivers at local truck stops, they have a unique lingo that are only understood by fellow drivers.

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CDL training programs will introduce students to the trucking terms they will use as professional truck drivers. CDL training programs will introduce students to the trucking terms they will use as professional truck drivers. Home; Become a Truck Driver; Trucking Terminology – Truck Driver Lingo. Diesel Mechanic & Truck Driving. Local. Glossary of Trucking Terms AMERICAN TRUC KIN G ASS OCI ATI ONS American Trucking Associations N. Glebe Road | Suite | Arlington, VA | Logbook – Book carried by truck drivers in which they record their hours of service and duty status for each hour period. Required for interstate commercial trucking by the U.S.