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How the Black Death Worked

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❶Serfdom did not end everywhere.

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One long term effect was the population decrease. Once populated villages and towns were left to rubble and ruins after the black death hit. Large, working expanses of land were left to deserted wilderness, crops were left to rot in the ground, and cattle were left to roam around until they perished.

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The Black Death had many long-term consequences. One was a series of vicious attacks on Jews, lepers, and outsiders who were accused of deliberately poisoning the water or the air. Lepers were singled out and persecuted.

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Feb 17,  · The long term effects of the Black Death were devastating and far reaching. Agriculture, religion, economics and even social class were affected. Contemporary accounts shed light on how medieval Britain was irreversibly changed. The Black Death is one of the most fatal diseases in human history and took its peak in Europe from to Half of Europe’s population was wiped out due to this disease and the short and long term impacts greatly affected the structure of Medieval Society.

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Effects of the Black Death - The biggest effect of the Black Death was people's strained faith in the church. Learn more about the effects of the Black Death. Start studying AP World History Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Which of the following was a long-term effect of the black death on European society? they facilitated long-distance international commerce.