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Simply sign up to begin or check out the demo. Thinkwave Their educator software is free to use. It has flexible grading options, reporting, and even the option to post grades online. There is also a paid option for administrators with more. SnapGrades They offer four different options in online grading. The free version includes a gradebook, attendance, seating charts, and discipline logs. There are also options for single teachers, groups, and even specialty options for individual students.

Grade Book Portal Build customized weighted grading from anywhere with auto calculation term and final grades on this grading tool. It is an educational portal that is free for educational professionals to utilize to manage their class work online in a secure environment. There are also options for administrators, students, and parents. Real Grade Apart from calculating grades, this free grading software can also print reports for an entire class and generate graphs.

It offers a spreadsheet with many simple features. The bloggers at I Love Free Software have more on it and other free tools for teachers. It was created by two urban public schoolteachers and includes the ability to work with grades, attendance, classification, and much more. Viper With plagiarism on the rise, how can a teacher be expected to grade everything to the letter? The task just got easier with this freeware that detects instances of plagiarism in academic work, such as essays, dissertations, and pieces of coursework.

You can even program it to proofread, edit, or grade an essay. Gradebook for Excel Get a free pack of grade-keeping spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel. They are aimed at college and high school educators but are suitable for any teacher. Included are templates for grading based on percentages, points, and grade point averages or letter grades.

Introduction to Grading If you are a teacher who needs to know the principles of grading, stop here. Special Connections provides this free and detailed guide to the world of grading. You can also get links to instructional tools, research materials, case studies, and more. In operation since , they have other options such as grading scales and grading periods for those who are looking for more functionality in a grading app. You can even currently get a free 30 day trial.

Track My Grades They offer an online gradebook for teachers, professors, and instructors at any academic level. Grade Book Wizard This is a powerful online gradebook, attendance tracking, and class website solution for teachers, schools, and districts.

Features offered include assignment weighting, attendance, publishing, and a full range of reports. Principle Data They help schools simplify management with web based administrative tools. There are many to choose from including admissions, bill pay, parent portal, and of course, a grade book.

Prices vary by choice. The software can be used to do tasks such as compute grades, make seating charts, print reports, and send email progress reports. That meant 96 papers would come in all at once. I was super-passionate about getting these regular-level students ready for the rigors of college so I would find myself spending 15, 20, 30 minutes per paper. That multiplied by 96 is insane. And the beauty of good uses of technology is that they don't just solve the problem at hand, they open new doors that weren't previously possible.

It's a bold claim that we provide "revolutionary student data" but I really think we do. I know that you will view us with great skepticism — and you should be skeptical. But when you boil it all down our approach is pretty dang simple: It's what you normally do when you're grading papers but without most of the redundancy and inefficiency. Created by a teacher, for teachers. If the first 30 seconds don't blow your mind, we can't help you!

Sign up for the free trial and begin grading an assignment in less than two minutes! In reducing the more tedious parts of paper grading, EssayTagger. It allows a teacher to quickly and clearly account for the primary required elements of a writing assignment, while still providing human oversight and feedback. It has cut down so much time grading essays. I teach five college level composition courses, and because of you all I actually had time to enjoy the holidays with my family instead of being completely swamped by student essays.

Thank you so much!!! This is saving me so much time and energy. I might get to leave my house this Sunday! I don't know what I would do without it!!!

EssayTagger has not only saved me time in correcting essays, but I feel terrific about the increased feedback which the students receive. I am especially impressed with how you have tied it to the Common Core.

Create a Free Trial account. Need a group license quote? How Does It Work? I'm an English teacher. How many English teachers have Computer Science degrees? I think it's a helluva solution and I hope you agree. Grade one full assignment up to 99 essays for free! EssayTagger is not an auto-grader! I built EssayTagger because grading essays was killing me! We can make grading essays less painful while giving our students better feedback! EssayTagger is used by teachers in over 2, schools across 85 countries.

You're in the wrong place! Share and import rubrics social media - blog. You can get your life back. And don't worry, EssayTagger is not an auto-grader. More useful student feedback Forget those vague "Some of your evidence was weak" rubrics. Real feedback has to be at the sentence level.

Advanced error marking Quickly mark spelling and grammar errors and then have your students learn from their own mistakes learn more. Formative and Summative Assessments End-of-unit exams and final essays are summative assessments. At this point it's not about feedback, it's just about evaluating students' skills. Grade on your iPad!

Our drag-and-drop interface is a natural fit for a tablet learn more! EssayTagger is used by teachers in over 2, schools across 85 countries award-winning innovation.

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Free Online Essay Grader to Learn Your Real Score Grade My Essay! free online essay checker can take your writing skills to the next level. How? I was really scared to send in my paper to my teacher, but with Andrew Takada's help, I corrected my paper and turned in a great paper.

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EssayTagger is a web-based tool that helps teachers grade essays faster by eliminating the repetitive and inefficient aspects of grading papers. EssayTagger is not an auto-grader. You still do all the grading yourself, but now you can do it faster! Speed up your grading process without sacrificing the quality of the feedback you give to your students, all while EssayTagger captures incredibly.

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An essay grader or a paper grader is an easier way for students to evaluate how well-written their papers are before turning them in or to shorten grading time for teachers. Most of these exist in online essay grader format where you input your specific assignment requirements and measure whether or not the student fulfilled them or not. Pearson is looking for student essays to help develop additional writing prompts for its online, automated essay scorer. These essays will help us calibrate the evaluation engine that examines student work, gives actionable feedback at point of use, and saves a teacher time by lessening the burden of conferencing on writing assignments.

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Essay-Grading Software Seen as Time-Saving Tool Teachers are turning to essay-grading software to critique student writing, but critics point to serious flaws in the technology. Proofreading Tool is a free, intelligent, software-driven, online proofreader. English teachers can point their students to this website with a clear conscience, Students can and should use Proofreading Tool to pre-grade their essays, research papers or any other written work before handing in their final product for a grade. As.