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Argumentative Essay: Free Education

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❶Here, you will find 20 topics dedicated to the subject matter you were assigned as well as a sample essay below.

20 Topics on Importance of Education for a College Essay

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Sample College Essay: How Education Can Reduce Global Poverty and Hunger
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So here are the 20 topics you can choose from when drafting your own essay assignment: You would agree that these are some cool topics on the importance of education you can work on for your college essay. And a cursory look at the topics on this list, will show that every one of them does not need too much research to accurately draft an essay on the subject matter.

To further simplify your task of drafting an essay on education, here are 10 facts which can be integrated throughout the body of your essay as well is our genre focused essay guide.

Lastly, a sample essay will be provided to serve as a guideline for anyone reading this. Note that the sample essay will also take its topic from one on the list above. This raises a few questions: And what have these initiatives achieved globally? These among other questions are what this essay intends to answer in the coming paragraphs. The Millennium Development Goals MDG launched by the UNICEF in and its follow up program the Sustainable Development Goals created in have been successful in increasing the economic situation of both underdeveloped and developing nations, enlightening the world on communicable diseases as well as pushing an agenda for worldwide peace.

The education of an entire population has been known to lead to economic growth which is viewed as a by-product of global education.

The overall economic growth in turn reduces the percentage of people living in poverty as more and more adults begin to have the financial capacity to cater for their immediate family.

Educating the world is an admirable goal but the disparity between the number of girls educated compared to boys has been lopsided for decades in favour of boys. This goes to show that applying these educative initiatives in gender-repressive communities globally, will accelerate the goal of ending poverty and world hunger more quickly.

Therefore pursuing a global education agenda is an admirable goal which everyone should be involved with in their own capacity. It is encouraged that we write essays supporting educational initiatives on a global scale, discuss them on social media networks or be a part of the SDG which took effect in Economic freedom directly correlates with personal freedoms. By cutting disposable income through the raising of taxes, it reduces the options available for families across the country.

Some would argue making education free would open up colleges and universities to a greater number of students. Grants awarding achievement already exist for the best students.

Furthermore, the vast majority of students can already receive student loans to pay for tuition and maintenance. There are no barriers to students entering higher education even without a free tuition system. With the current student loan system, lenders are far more forgiving and the repayments are much lower than a conventional loan. The system already allows students to climb up the career ladder before they start to pay back significant amounts. Cutting fees would also make it more difficult to continue to improve the standard of education within schools and colleges.

This would only lead to the continuing decline of American higher education facilities and make the country less attractive for international students.

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In Katherine Porter’s essay, The Value of a College Degree, she explains the importance of higher education. A college degree will guarantee a person's successful future, improve our economy, and send young adults into the world with excellent critical thinking skills.

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