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Quality Management Essay

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❶TQM stresses on bringing attitudinal changes and improvements in the performance of employees by promoting proper work culture and effective team work. Essayshark on Twitter Tweet.

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We will describe quality management, quality assurance as well as quality control. For a better understanding of our subject we will run all these quality types with more details in the next pages. Quality management, used by many companies, has a specific meaning within many business sectors. Quality management focuses not only on product or service, but also in the way to achieve it.

Therefore, quality management is using quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve a better quality. We will describe clearly these two types in our subject. However quality assurance known as QA; refers to engineering activities that are implemented in a quality system so that requirements for a product or service will be accomplished.

Quality assurance is associated with feedback loop that confers error prevention, systematic measurement, comparison with standard and monitoring of processes. Additionally, there are two principles included in quality management: Quality assurance manage quality of assemblies, product and components, raw materials, production and inspection processes. In the other hand, quality control knows as QC is more general. It is a process by which companies review the quality of all factors involved in production.

This approach can be described on three aspects: Controls is also a product inspection, in different way every product is examined visually and often using a stereo microscope for deep details before the product is sold in an external market. Usually inspectors provide lists and descriptions of defected products such as surface blemishes or cracks for instance. Remember the basic principle of a quality assurance, is working out the best course of action beforehand and communicating it to all department concerned, applying this concept whenever a planned process is complex.

After answering all these questions positively, and making the decision to implement quality assurance. We can start in general way by identifying the tasks, processes or systems critical to the business and writing clearly a guidelines and instructions for employees. Use a guidelines and instructions for training and day-to-day reference. For processes and systems covered will basically reduce: The other core concept is customer focus.

Customer focus ensures identification of both internal and external customers. The third core value is defect deterrence and nonconformity. This value seeks to avoid noncompliance issues that crop up with products and services untimely in the growth cycle.

It centers on prevention of adverse issues that relate to products and services. Finally, universal responsibility is the other core value. TQM is expensive to implement. Implementation often comes with additional training costs, team-development costs, infrastructural improvement costs, consultant fees and the like.

It also discourages new ideas that can possibly improve productivity. QM helps in highlighting the needs of the market. Its application is universal and helps the organization to identify and meet the needs the market in a better way.

TQM stresses on bringing attitudinal changes and improvements in the performance of employees by promoting proper work culture and effective team work. Every organization aims at improving productivity as well as reduction in cost so as to result in increase in profitability. Under TQM, quality improvement teams are constituted to reduce waste and inefficiency of every king by introducing systematic approach.

TQM techniques are greatly helpful in understanding the competition and also developing an effective combating strategy. Due to the cut throat competition, the very survival of many organizations has become very vital issue. Faulty and inadequate communication and improper procedures act as stumbling blocks in the way of proper development of an organization.

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The quality management doesn’t especially promote a good quality for a firm, but rather to ensure that a product or organization is consistent, can be considered to have four components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement.

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Total Quality Management is an essential tool that makes an improvement reaction to firms and companies. It is a technique of managing.

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