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Immigration/ Immigration Reform term paper 9287

Trump immigration reform essay

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Immigration reform essay as the college thesis

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Essay, term paper, research paper: Immigration

Farmers don t gather their harvest. They hire unskilled immigrant workers that pose no threat to American employment to harvest their crops. Large corporations are franchising, outsourcing, and implementing subdivisions in foreign countries in order to compete in a global market.

These foreign countries can offer cheaper wages and other amenities that lead to an organization s overall goal; and that is to make a profit.

We need to stop blaming the disadvantaged and concentrate more on political reform and anti-free trade agreements between large American corporations and organizations interested in fulfilling their own agendas. Other proponents of immigration reform argue that immigration serves only one purpose; and that is to reap the benefits of welfare. If this is true, and immigrants are flooding our nation to live off of billions of American tax dollars, then why are the majority of our tax dollars used for military spending, government projects, and senseless ventures and not on welfare?

We are unknowingly blaming government taxation on welfare and not on the government and the system itself. It seems plausible that welfare exists as a means of justifying taxation; and the limits to the amount of taxation are boundless. This certainly creates an innate disgust for welfare, which is highly evident.

As we blame welfare for our tax woes, we tend to direct our anger at the recipients of welfare. Most of these people are Americans, but we prey on the weak and defenseless, thus drawing a direct correlation between immigrants and welfare. Furthermore, immigrants have no preconceived notion as to what welfare is. They don t say, Hey, there s a thing called welfare over in U. Immigrants are here to meet demands of a workforce that is non-existent within our country.

Unfortunately, they are endowed with minimal rights and it is easier and more feasible to point the finger of blame on them rather than blaming those that are actually at fault. We live in a society which is made up of immigrants from different corners of the globe. It is obvious that as Americans we have forged an immense successful country that will continue to prosper at the hands of various ethnic groups.

Immigration reform seeks to blame the innocent immigrant instead of accepting reality and dealing with the actual factors involved in our economic woes, unemployment rates, and wage fluctuations. The easiest manner in which to deal with our national problems is to blame the defenseless. It seems highly crude to think that we as Americans have not learned to stop blaming the immigrant for our own problems, since we are a nation of immigrants as well.

Immigration reform is not a means of ending an economic problem here in the U. Free essays on Immigration posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only.

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Immigration Reform is Needed in the US - Immigration in the United States The immigration patterns of the United States have fluctuated over the years, some years having little while others see a rising amount of immigrants, both legal and illegal, looking for opportunities to improve their lives.

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In conclusion, the proposed immigration reform might have short-term benefits, ranging from implementation of “America First” policy and “Getting Americans Back to Work” but such reforms could have adverse long-term consequences.

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immigration reform  In this essay, my intention is to address that the immigration reform is very important for both the immigrants and the economical well being of both the unites states of America and its people as well. immigration reform is a term used in political discussion regarding changes. Immigration and Immigration Reform Haley Johnson Axia College of University of Phoenix Thesis Statement: More and more immigrants are coming in to the United States each year, and we as a nation should truly reevaluate our immigration policies.

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Immigration Reform Essay # 3 Guidelines In this essay, you are taking a position (on the controversial issue you discussed in Essay # 2) and defending your position with an extended argument. christian essay Immigration reform essay to write based on never let me go essay. This happens for a decision, not least the big reform immigration essay bang, we came up in the help writing paper chair of the century. Already to the tracks.