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Women Empowerment in India – A Burning Issue

What is Women Empowerment?

❶You are either an incorrigible fool or someone trying to subvert the mission of agniveer by raising such emotive issues and taking intransigent positions. At the start of the Reformation , Martin Luther followed his example in the work now known as the Coburg Fables.

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The first period when a quasi-national feeling was able to unify the people was the Hundred Years' War with France in the late Middle Ages — Although a dynastic conflict between successive English and French monarchs, this war became a cause in which Anglo-Saxon and Norman culture merged into a recognizably English culture.

In the sixteenth century, nationalism took on another component: Elizabeth I, his daughter, created a sense of national unity through the conflicts she orchestrated with Catholic Spain. William subsequently affirmed Catholicism as being contrary to English and Irish law. Beginning with Scotland and Ireland in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and continuing with competitions with the Spanish, the Dutch, and the French between and , the English established a sense of expansionary patriotism.

The final step in creating a national sentiment was taken in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the middle classes defined Englishness as a positive morality to which everyone could subscribe.

English cultural roots lie in a merging of Anglo-Saxon, Danish, and Norman French culture that has existed as a synthesis since the late Middle Ages. A process of negotiation was at the heart of this cultural creation.

After stripping them of their assets, Edward I expelled the Jewish community in , and Jews did not receive full rights and recognition until the twentieth century. The earliest guest workers, Flemish clothworkers, frequently found their contributions resented by "native" labor. German, French, and Low Countries Protestant refugees in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries were confronted with ethnic prejudices.

The Irish as Celts and Catholics and the Welsh and Scots as Celts also have faced resentment, especially in eras dominated by English nationalism and British imperialism. In the British Isles and abroad, the English record in colonized areas is no better than that of other European colonizing cultures. Beginning in the s with the Immigration Acts and reaching a low point with the British Nationality Act, laws have been passed to restrict the rights of foreigners to enter the country and obtain citizenship and benefits.

The support of Margaret Thatcher's government for free-market capitalism contributed to the decline of the areas where most ethnic minorities lived, sparking violent protests in the s, such as London's Brixton riots in Antiracism legislation and the improving economy have lessened public and official attention to the nonwhite population.

However, economic migrants and political refugees, chiefly from East Asia, eastern Europe, and Africa, have taken the place of the non-white populace as objects of public concern. England's urbanism and notions of landscape and countryside are closely tied to the movement of people and economic sectors from major metropolitan areas into new towns, extensions of older towns, smaller towns, villages, and remote rural areas.

Cities are thought of as places of decay and degeneration by many people. The central principle in definitions of urban communities is their management and containment; this has been done by designating rings of nondevelopment green belts around major cities and urban areas.

The emphasis on areas of nondevelopment also has influenced planning within cities and towns, with space being created for private and public gardens, parks, athletic fields, and other so-called greenfield sites.

There has also been an emphasis on arranging cities and towns in more livable units, with more thought to the placement of work sites, public amenities, shopping areas, and dwellings and more of a focus on how streets cater to public and private uses. Villages and small towns that were fairly local or regional have become bedroom communities for large cities such as London or parts of larger regional urban networks.

Sometimes they retain their original character, but more often affluent newcomers have changed these localities.

Thus, while those in suburban, village, and small-town areas trumpet the rural nature of their lives, they have altered the rural landscape. Outside the towns and villages, two forces dominate the countryside: Agribusiness has played a role in defining the countryside by destroying 95 percent of the nation's wetlands. Countering the trend toward developing the countryside to accommodate more housing are the preservationists, who want to expand parks, preserve a traditional country way of life, and keep urban dwellers out of these areas.

Left out of towns, cities, villages, and rolling hills are those with no money and no political voice. Those most excluded from current visions and proposals are the poor and the urban-dwelling ethnic minority groups.

Many different types of Englishness compete in towns, cities, villages, and the countryside. Architecturally, little is left from the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Roman periods, although Roman town planning, roads, and walls are still evident and Anglo-Saxon churches and Celtic monuments are still standing. The Middle Ages have left Gothic and Romanesque architecture while the Tudor and Stuart periods of England's history have also left their contributions, notably not just in buildings for the elite and the state but also for the middling sort.

The eighteenth century saw Georgian and neo-Gothic architecture, which continued into the nineteenth century when neo-Classical styles arose.

The twentieth century has seen the rise of suburban building styles and Modernism and reactions against both in the form of conservation, community architecture, and a tendency to revive old styles such as neo-Classicism.

Government buildings serve a range of symbolic purposes. Monuments more often symbolize particular historical figures or events. The purposes of public spaces also vary.

The pews in a typical church promote an orderly separation between congregants while emphasizing togetherness as a congregation. Piccadilly Circus and many museums encourage people to mingle. Tea rooms, coffee shops, public houses, and nightclubs provide separate seating but promote a social atmosphere.

People in England prefer to live in detached, suburban dwellings, ideally with a garden. First built in large numbers in the s, many suburban houses were built in twos with a garden in front and rear. Another detached style was the single-story bungalow, which also became popular in the s.

Although in the post-war era it became common to build large, boxy modernist apartment blocks, especially for public housing, suburban building continued in additional new towns, some of which used the uniform, modernist styles.

Since the s more traditional designs for housing have been popular and both detached and non-detached housing have been constructed to evoke one of England's past eras. In private dwelling spaces, the English tend to fill much of the available space. Food in Daily Life. England is known for its bland cuisine. Traditional middle-class notions of diet put Blossoming croplands in Kent. Along with this main course, there might be a dish such as a meat casserole, and fish also was consumed.

Heavy sauces, gravies, soups and stews or puddings savory and sweet , and pasties and pies also were eaten. Vegetables included potatoes and carrots, turnips and cabbage, and salad vegetables. Fruit was also part of the diet, though in small proportions. Lighter meals included variations of the sandwich. Breakfast foods ranged from hot cereals to tea, toast, and marmalade, to steak, eggs, and kidneys. These foods were not available to most people before World War II.

The rural poor, for example, ate a diet based on cheese and bread, with bacon eaten a few times a week, supplemented by fresh milk if available, cabbage, and vegetables if a garden was kept. All the classes drank tea; beer was drunk by the working classes and other alcoholic beverages were drunk by the middle and upper classes.

Since , the English have eaten less red meat, more poultry, and about the same amount of fish. The consumption of fats is down, and that of alternatives such as margarine is up. Fresh fruits are in favor, while vegetables are not, and the focus is on salad vegetables. The main meal is now eaten in the evening and is likely to consist of frozen or ready-made food. In addition to eating out in pubs, inns, and restaurants, people consume fast food.

There has been a dramatic increase in the variety of foreign cuisine, ranging from Chinese and Indian to French and Italian. There are few food-related taboos. People avoid some foods for so-called hygienic reasons, such as onions and leeks, which can cause bad breath.

There are also foods that are considered uncivilized. Traditionally, the English have never eaten dogs, horses, other carnivores, or insects. Increasingly, eating meat is looked on as uncivilized. As part of the shift away from meat toward fruit, vegetables, and fish, people have become more distanced from the production of the meat they eat and less willing to eat as wide a variety of meats.

Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. Apart from cakes on birthdays, few special foods are eaten at major secular ceremonies, although such ceremonies involve toasting and drinking alcohol.

In religious ceremonies, alcohol, usually wine, is common at most celebrations of the Eucharist in Christian churches and also is used at Jewish ceremonies.

On Shrove Tuesday, which is both a secular and a religious occasion, many people eat pancakes. The economy is developed and highly specialized, and very few inhabitants produce food and other necessities for themselves.

In , approximately 13 percent of England's workforce was self-employed, many working in agriculture, fishing, and construction. This group and the few among the economically inactive 21 percent in who have opted out of the market economy completely are the only people in England who may produce goods for themselves. Given that the majority of both groups are part of the regular economy, the number of people who are completely self-sufficient is small, although at times they are politically and culturally prominent.

A rough sense of England's dependence on the world can be gained by looking at trade figures as a proportion of GDP. In England's exports amounted to about 29 percent of GDP, as did imports. Land Tenure and Property. The most common form of land tenure is the owner-occupied house, with personal ownership in at 68 percent and the remainder of the inhabitants renting government-owned rent-controlled or private dwellings.

Most dwellings are in urban areas, which occupied about 12 percent of the total land area in In that same year, 71 percent of England's land was devoted to agriculture: Legal rights to property have their origin in the period —, when landholders enclosed land and claimed exclusive ownership of it. Their actions extinguished many customary use rights to land and established private claims to rights-of-way. In addition to this division between private and common land, many forms of public and semipublic land have developed.

Roads, infrastructure, and official buildings are often public. Also subject to public control are the national parks and nature reserves. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are often in private hands but are under public supervision of the Countryside Agency.

Public rights-of-way and common lands are often owned by individuals, but those owners may be obligated to ensure public access. The Department of the Environment, Transport, and the Regions oversees land use, working with local authorities, an arrangement in place since the Town and Country Planning Act.

In addition to manufacturing, the major sectors of the economy are financial services, wholesale and retail trade, communication technology, and education and social services. The major areas of industrial output are textiles; food, beverages, and tobacco; paper, paper products, wood products; chemicals; metals and fabricated metal items; electrical and optical equipment; and transport equipment and other machinery.

People with more experience still tend to hold positions with greater responsibility and rewards, but this situation has been changing since the s. Increasingly, older workers are losing jobs because of business strategies to keep workforces small. This trend has hit older working class men particularly hard because the sectors in which they work are rapidly being shifted out of the economy. Ethnic prejudice, ageism, and sexism still prevent many people from advancing.

Specialization, educational attainment, and status correspond fairly well, with managerial and professional groups being at the top of society, followed by white-collar workers and then skilled blue-collar workers and semi-skilled and unskilled manual laborers.

Class is the primary way in which people approach social stratification. The upper class the landed gentry, the titled nobility, and members of the royal family has roughly the same social position it has had since the nineteenth century, when the middle classes began to compete successfully with the landed interests for influence.

However, the upper class lost official political influence and credibility in the twentieth century. The major change in England's social identity structure has been the shrinking number of workers in manufacturing and the increasing number of people who work in service industries.

White-collar and other service workers have replaced blue-collar workers as England's economic backbone. Consequently, the middle class has increased in size and wealth, and home ownership has increased, while union membership has declined dramatically, along with the size of the traditional industrial working class.

Most workers expect unemployment at some point in their careers, especially the unskilled and uneducated. In , only 5 percent of non-manual workers were unemployed. In contrast, skilled manual workers experienced 12 percent and semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers 23 percent unemployment, and manual workers combined accounted for 84 percent of the unemployed. England is becoming a society of the included and the excluded.

There has been a sharp rise in long-term unemployment. The nature of work in a fluid economy does not support long-term employment A busy street in Scarborough, York. English architecture is a unique blend of old and new. Homelessness has become a fact of English life, with , families in England accepted as homeless in alone.

The richest class has increased its share of the national income and national assets. In , the wealthiest 10 percent of the population owned half the assets controlled by households. In the income of the top 20 percent of households was four times that of the bottom 20 percent.

Meanwhile, those earning less than half of the median doubled between and , reaching 10 percent. Ethnic minorities have not fared well in the new economic environment. For all minority men, unemployment was 17 percent in the period —, for example, compared with 10 percent for whites. Ten years on, in the period —, unemployment rates of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and blacks were more than three times those for whites.

Indians, on the other hand, have faired better, currently occupying a central position in the middle class as entrepreneurs and in the professions, enjoying chances of employment more comparable to whites. Symbols of Social Stratification. Many of the traditional symbols of social difference have undergone change.

Clothing and other consumer goods historically were indicators of class, but are now more ambiguous. Most consumer goods are widely available, and the clothing and fashion industries recycle styles so quickly that rank and clothing do not always correspond. Education, which used to be a clear way to divide people into classes, has also lost some of its defining power. Private primary and secondary schools increased their share of school age children through , and higher education has expanded the number of places available to those who want postsecondary training; by the mid s more than 30 percent of students age eighteen were attending a university.

Oxford and Cambridge have been accepting students from an increasingly broad socioeconomic spectrum, and students now have many more universities to choose from.

Accent also has become a less reliable class signifier. Unlike Scotland and Wales, England does not have a separate parliament or departments to represent and manage it. Contact with the central government is increasingly achieved through nine Government Offices for the Regions. Day-to-day life in the community is governed by local authorities such as district and parish councils. Leadership and Political Officials. Political parties and institutions favor those judged to be respectable and, in senior positions, those with political experience.

It is still common for politicians and judges to have an elite education and a privileged background. Local politics is a mixed bag, with some local authorities and town and village councils politically polarized and others less so, although the larger the community the more likely it is to be dominated by the Labour Party. In general, those who participate in local politics and local organizations such as arts councils knew someone in government before becoming involved.

England has no national parties that affiliate specifically with the national culture. Access to political leaders is achieved most effectively through voluntary sector interest groups.

These organizations work with local government authorities, local agencies such as the police, individual MPs, and central government ministries and may acquire an official role. Social Problems and Social Control. For purposes of policing and criminal justice, England and Wales are treated as one unit. Policing is handled by forty-one locally organized police forces in addition to the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London police force.

Most police officers carry a nightstick, with only designated officers carrying sidearms. Persons suspected of committing a crime may be stopped and searched.

More extensive searching is possible with authorization from a senior officer. For most crimes the police require judicial authorization to make arrests, but for "arrestable" offences such as murder, authorization is unnecessary. The maximum period of detention without a charge being leveled is ninety-six hours.

The Police Complaints Authority handles cases of police brutality. The Home Secretary of the United Kingdom has overall responsibility for policing in England as well as for the prison service, the probation service, and the criminal law. Criminal law is a combination of statute law made by Parliament and common law case law. Founded in , the Crown Prosecution Service prosecutes criminals arrested by the police. The court system is adversarial, and the accused is defended by a lawyer a solicitor or barrister who attempts to disprove the case presented by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Cases that go to Crown Court involve a trial by a jury of the accused person's peers with guidance from the presiding judge. In all other cases not on appeal, the defendant is tried in magistrate court by a judge who decides the case with the assistance of a law clerk. The accused or the Crown may appeal a judgment to a higher court, with the highest court being the House of Lords.

Except for treason and a few other offenses, the highest penalty is a custodial sentence. Since the s, ideas about the role of the criminal justice system have been changing, largely as a result of perceived and real increases in violent and property crimes. Local communities with their informal mechanisms for social control are considered an important part of criminal justice. Neighborhood watch schemes have become popular, and victim-offender mediation and reparation, community mediation, and neighborhood mediation have emerged.

Police cautioning, in which juvenile offenders and their parents or guardians are informed of the seriousness of their offenses, has become popular. Parole boards administer the punishment of offenders in the community, and the police and other official agencies have formed partnerships with local communities and voluntary organizations.

Some people are critical of the trend toward integrating informal social control into the official criminal justice apparatus. They argue that such social control may result in a culture divided into communities suspicious of outsiders. Others have noted that vigilantism, which plays a relatively small role in the culture exceptions are street gangs, less organized groupings of males termed "the lads," and soccer hooligans , may take root.

It paid for lawsuits that contended that Coors had discriminated against its minority, female, and gay employees. Coors was then boycotted as a result of a vigorous campaign in the controlled media.

Henceforth it was to be either politically neutral or actively promote leftist causes. Once Joseph Coors died his heirs took over the company and transformed it into one of the most politically correct firms in the nation. Coors has become one of the most active promoters of gay causes for instance. This was the figure paid over thirty years ago.

It is most likely much, much higher now. The JTA reported this week that the Spanish parliament is set to vote on an amendment that would make Holocaust studies obligatory for Spanish students.

If passed, the proposed amendment would introduce the genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany into the curriculum. One may wonder whether Spanish youngsters are also going to study about the devastating role of revolutionary Jews at the time of the Spanish Civil War.

Driven by hatred to the church and Fascism, the destruction they left behind was enormous. Well, it may all be just a consequence and really nothing.

Links to check out are the presentation is OK but I think the content is good youtu. You can check these claims against this site http: The illogical and contradiction tells us it is a made up religious symbol? Every barcode has 6 long lines encompassing 2 sets of six numbers. Digital angel and the like use the same system. The function was to start at 6 pm.

I arrived at 7 am. The hot line cooks were not in yet. I was doing all the Garde Manger work [preparation of cold dishes] for him for the party. The Rabbi came in and he was kashering all the stoves and ovens with a blow torch. Bingo he set off the fire alarm and the Ansil system [fire suppression foam system in restaurants, etc. When you do volume you make them all at once assembly line style. Put me behind about 2 hours. I wanted to kill the guy, but we made it on time for the party.

One may contact these two different kosher certification organizations, and ask if they would please change their U and K product kosher certification symbols to something else, in order to be more respectful to the approximately six or more million murdered holocaust starvation victims in what is now called the Holodomor that occurred in the Ukraine from to Mention that the present U and K kosher symbols are just too closely associated with the starvation that occurred in this past starvation holocaust.

One may also make complaints to all of the many kosher labeled product companies, and ask that these companies demand respect for the millions who were murdered by starvation by changing the product kosher symbols. U symbol Orthodox Union http: K symbol Kosher Certification http: And they actually believe it. I have listened to this Peres video before….

But as most of the US citizens are circumcised we can guess the rabbis have already got their aim, so this explains why the Kosher label expanded to a so large extent.

I have read on the web that the Kings of England are from King David lineage. Is it actually true? Their blason tends to confirm this. This was done currently by Jewish butchers in Arab countries for instance in Morrocco.

The differences which exists between them in relation to canon laws have in fact become rather symbolic. This can be understood as the State of Israel has been created by Jewish Ashkenazis so the Ashkenazi rabbis have the primacy.

But it is interesting to observe that Muslims have learned from the Jews how to organise themselves in matter of business. In the supermarket the butcher has an exposed list of reference numbers of all the places the animals were killed so that the consumer can consult it, but there is no clear information further on the spot. For a long time I have tried to avoid buying Kosher food and it is getting harder to get the basics.

My big problem at the moment is getting non-kosher butter and orange juice. If I was the government of Canada I would make Kosher food illegal to buy, sell, produce or possess. I would ban all unChristian religions and ban all political parties and secret societies and everything they stand for that either offends God or myself. I would utterly annihilate all paper and electronic currencies for all time and also those that would have them brought back.

People will buy, sell, earn and save in coin or not at all. I would reserve to the government the power to tax and the power to create the currency of the realm.

If people have real coin in hand what do we need banks for? Banks would only subvert an honest money system and try to overthrow the state. They are the enemy within.

So why do we need Jews and Kosher taxes? Banish the Jews and abolish Kosher taxes. The Christians and Gentiles will be better off for it. Perhaps that is why Jews prefer the Urban environment. If Jews were suddenly in some rural environment, like in a plane crash etc, and starving, would they avoid non- kosher food? I have come across a dozen or more up here in Canada.

I suppose issuing a variety of these symbols allows for some stealth — as the dumb goys think it a type of trademark symbol. Trying putting a cross or crucifix on our food! They are waiting for the destruction of Damascus that already happened ages ago — was taken away and they believe poor old Russia to be Gog.

Then one morning I just woke up and believed what I once thought hateful and intolerant. Yep it was just like that. The people that accept this mark will know what they are doing. And anyone who accepts the mark will forfit their afterlife. The poor beasts are slain with a giant, razor-sharp knife to the throat, and allowed to bleed to death.

The Jews have suppressed kosher killing videos on the Internet, but you can find it in Faces of Death, a particularly gruesome video series. The following web page gives a free partial list of all of the major kosher certification organizations with their kosher symbols, with the USA listed first, and then Canada, and then some other countries. Given below is a web page where one may purchase a complete directory that lists over kosher certification organizations with their kosher symbol, that are located all over the world.

For it was on the cross that Jesus died for my sins and prevented the Jewish Satan from gaining control of my immortal soul. I love to wear the Cross of Christ, because it shows the wicked Jews that I am a Christian and not a member of the Synagogue of Satan as they are.

One thing I have found when I wear a cross and go into a Jew-store is that the Jews get very nervous and fidgety when they see the cross I am wearing. The Jew-owner will do anything he can to get me out of his store as quickly as possible, even agreeing to lower the price of the thing that I am buying in order to get me to leave quickly.

You see, Jews deny the divinity of Jesus, but they know deep down that their ancestors were responsible for His crucifixion, and they feel guilty about the enormity of their crime. Jews must give up their allegiance to Satan and accept Jesus as their Messiah and Savior if they are to avoid the eternal pains of hell.

I could not open or shut the applications! Often the symbol is enclosed within a circle, box etc. The converted have been converted. Perhaps more converts can be proselytized. Many will remain unconvinced. My question to BN is programmatic. Are Christians to simply tip-toe through this world with fear, loathing and trepidation, allowing Caesar to have what is his?

Way past the consolidation you refer to. My own thinking is, One Day at a Time. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. I went out to the Street here in downtown Austin TX early this morning at 7: I started out at 7: I then held HIGH the Holy Cross on an overpass looking down on I traffic and everyone was honking and waving and putting their thumbs up.

After about 20 minutes a motorcycle cop stopped on the side of the Interstate and called me OFF of the sidewalk down to the Interstate. He then grabbed my Cross, forced my hands behind my back, and started to put on handcuffs. Yes, FOUR of them! Glory to Jesus Christ! I was shown by the Lord this was where I was to come… Now I find out you are here too.. How can I speak with you personally? The Constitution strictly says, you have the right to face your accusers in person.

Fight it on grounds of illegal arrest. Mindless fascists will attack, Cross or no Cross…because they are programmed! Unfortunately, the average citizen has to play their Power Trip game and exit with minimum consequences. The system backs them up no matter what they do. Charges were ultimately dropped. I made their lives a living HELL with complaints filed to the highest offices of Government and the investigation branch. Government which originally might have been half-o.

I was not, and am not a Christian Zionist, but very reluctantly barely support Israel in the most marginal way. It needs to be said that Israel is the only openly Jewish race-state — so much for multicultural diversity! I support freedom ultimately — but not immorality. I am never uncritically, never unaware of their rapid homosexualization of all of Israel, the Jewish cultural-mass-media sewer pipe.

That needing to be said, Br. N you must realize all street evangelists face persecution — try to keep out of acrimony, contretemps, try to be low key around cops and other law enforcement personnel as much as in your earthly powers. There are more and more Christian legal agencies springing up that fight for Christians in legal terms.

Unsurprisingly, I do advise both mixed martial arts training and weapons ownership if that is your orientation. I realize that in many parts of Europe where I have lived, witnessing for the gospel is illegal.

So resist the devil and it will flee from you — but be wily, wary, and tough as I know you are. I realize being wise, strong, healthy, and in the presence of other Christians is extremely important. America has many fine Orthodox Christians, decent Catholic peoples, many fine born-again Christians, but this creates rage from the SPLC, from the Jews whose minds are poisoned against Christ. In simple terms, avoid even the appearance of provocations and incitement if you can, especially if some cop starts barking orders, try to appear compliant but if at all possible have witnesses.

Even the dumbest law enforcement types fear witnesses. Have spent many years with the self chosen vampires scv , and they generally live very controlled lives. They read a lot, work hard as hell, and are not impressed until you wow them. Am a goyim who wowed them at times, as they prized my intellect and mystic acumen and helped me develop. The scv are like overlords, because the Goy are so bloody dumb. It really is not their fault, when you think about it.

They are the movers and shakers in the world, and no one can deny that, and the Goyim are just content to be comfortable. The nature of the most demonic scv is to continually be restless, as nothing satisfies them. They are from Hell, but the Lord Almighty needed something to push those with Free Will to one direction or another, as Paradise is stagnant.

Misery is important, as is happiness, and so the scv are a necessary Evil. God has all the time in the Universe to make all of US one with it all, and pain and misery is just part of the journey. Make them more afraid, continue your course against all odds. There is an old saying among my people: Please Email me with your phone number. All I wanted to do was to bring a little more precision. The Romans were not the Romans in general but the soldiers who nailed the nails and thereafter confirmed the prophecy of the Psalmist: These words gave occasion for many fanciful interpretations, but in reality it is a proclamation of the victory of the Lord.

You have a gift for gab and Rogan in particular could use some guests other than UFC fighters. As you gain notoriety there will only be more of it. When you go into the courtroom do not pass through the gates but stay in the gallery, demand who has a legal claim against you, you do not surrender your name which is your property and is private and protected.

You do not wish to contract with them and only signed the citation under duress and threat which makes it null and void. I am a big fan of your work in exposing evil, even though I do not share some of your religious beliefs. Come to the downtown area tomorrow, during the football game. Send me an email if you will do so. I will be there before noon. It may be that your higher power has set out a new path in front of you. One which may make larger your circle of influence.

But, remember, when signing in protest to use v. In this case, travel to TX is not in your future. Or you could submit to the court clerk a form stating you are representing the person named on the docket, and that your court fees for said services are 15 pieces of gold or silver, but no fiat money, thank you very much: Go through normal proceedings including payment of citation — then send them a bill for your services - guaranteed, the case gets tossed.

When used on land, this constitutes and act of war, and is treason when used on ones own homeland, against ones own community. Well, at least according to the originators of this flag type it is - namely, the military. Than, all these cops would equal…pirates, right?

Serving a criminal leader who steals, lies and kills. Lately the last week or two I have not been able to simply click on you latest article or video to read or view your info. Have you been hacked? Some may not know this trick and will not be able to read are view your latest offerings.

Shake off your shoes from the dust of Austin and leave that evil place. Their end is nuclear destruction. Turn out the lights Jewmerica, your party is over. You have played patty cake with the sons of Satan for far too long. The time to pay for bedding down with demonic Jews is getting closer with each passing day. Austin, like Dallas is grounded in Judeo Freemasonry and both are dedicated to, and serve Lucifer and Jewry in the higher echelons of power.

This sign is ubiquitous in the totally Juden run entertainment industry. I was stripped naked, put up against a wall in front of depraved cops then denied bail for 24 hours. Second - What does this tell you about Jewmerica? While the people are glad to see me doing Street Evangelism the cops are not. What does this tell you about Jewmerica? The joke is on the Jews. It is a scientifically proven fact that almost all the Jews are descended from Khazars aside from the Sephardics.

Thus practically no Jew has any genetic relationship to Abraham whatsoever. Their father was very likely Attila the Hun rather than Abraham. So the joke is that they are Goyim themselves. By the way, the real chosen ones are the Christians.

Chosen by Christ from the beginning of creation. The seed of Abraham is Jesus Christ. The Jews have been rejected, not chosen. Since then I have read about Christians under attack generally around the world and in particular in America. From what I have read Catholics can be considered terrorists today by some government publications.

The only bright side, or silver lining to this sad story is that while Christianity is being crushed in America, it is flourishing outside of America.

The cross is a weapon of love. It is the symbol of Jesus Christ. It has been shown to be the most powerful weapon in the history of mankind, time and time again. I did just that. I stood right in front of Austin Police headquarters on 8th Street and shook off the dust of my feet right in front of it. What does this tell you about Alex Jones? I too, as one previously has stated, love you, what you do, and what you stand for.

May God guide your footsteps and help you choose your battles. I am a 30 year former cop. I have seen much that shames me. Since I do believe our food is deliberately being poisoned, it kinda makes me wonder if Kosher food is less likely to be tainted. After all, I hear Kosher Coke is made with real sugar, and I just read and article that stated high fructose corn syrup is contaminated with mercury.

I also know there is a religious reason for Kosher Coke being made with sugar, but it does make me wonder if there is also some other reason for it. Anyway, the sight of you getting rousted by the cops probably helped to awaken a few people. I pray that the Satanic men that manhandled you in Austin, have the power of Jesus overwhelm their evil minds and rid them of their evil intentions.

But, if the evil is as pure as it seems then, Jesus will eradicate the evil in their bodies until every cell of it has been vanquished.

They are lost to the Prince of Darkness for all Eternity. They will be the shining example that there is no duality of the soul.

It is either Good or Bad and that is it. Though European Jews do have a lot of Khazar in them, there is still some blood of the patriarchs flowing in their veins. The Jews have been a pain in the ass for God practically from the beginning.

But in spite of this at one time they gave the world many prophets and saints. Brother Nathanael should stay well away from Alex Jones. There are other talk-show hosts far superior to Prison Planet. He would enjoy being interviewed by the host in charge.

He did not behave like the British who made us colonies and took all our wealth to Britain. India was Akbar s home. The table was tilted by Nurjahans family who through Mumtaz, Aurangazeb came to power and the hard work of Akbar the great collapsed. Through out the world still there is terrorism due to religious differences and people are suffering. It was only Akbar who sincerely tried to unify all the religion by Din illah,in fact after sincerely analyzing all the religions in the world. Do not talk with jealousy prejudice and biased attitude.

The above article is full of rubbish and fraud. I dont know why the author is very jealous of Akbar who deserves to be called Great. Hirthik should be gifted to play the role of Akbar. The author is very biased in prasing the Rana Pratap,a impotent king who ran away from Chittor leaving his subjects under the mercy of his commander Jamal.

Not even once Akbar had done such an impotent act. Naturally people would like to be under such a leader than the Rana. Akbar for criticised by the biogoted Baduini in his book muntakhab ut Tawarikh the point on prostitution was written by Baduini not by Abul Fazl,pls have clarity when you write a article. The author must read about Baduini in detail why he had so much of hatred on Akbar.

Pls read historical books of Akbars reign,not books written by P. Smith may be a famous historian but he is a European who always favours British rule. All the facts written by Smith need not be true for he has written Akbars son Murad was born to Salima which is a rubbish fact.

Akbar marrying so many ladies was a culture of his period which even the hindus were doing and it was a part of his political move. Infact he took good care of his Harem and showed equality within his harem. No historian could trace his favourite wife, a Hindu or muslim. To understand what I had written pls read historical book of Akbars period in depth with patience. I can be very sure the author of this rubbish article has not read Akbar Nama fully read Akbarnama right from the begining including the horoscope of Akbar till the ending ,then write another article praising Akbar the GREAT.

I would like to give the same advice to the fools who had written comments for this article-read Akbarnama,Muntakhab Ut Tawarikh,Darbari Akbari,Jahangirnama,Ain i Akbari. In one short incident: Akbar ordered disarming 30, peasants and then massacred them.

This has been recorded by his court historian, a Muslim. Islam does not allow an attack on unarmed person. How is Akbar great then? Some one else asked the same question and retold the real dark history of Akbar including the massacre of 30, Indians http: Chandragupta Maurya was wrongly shown at the time of Alexzander. The real time of Chandragupta Maurya was 15th century BC. Pl make it into lime light.

I think we are missing that. Also the commendable job being done by the missionaries here.. Akbar — the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith 2. Akbarnama by Abul Fazl […]. I will request U all to read books of Sh. He has also written some gd. These Books r available on Archives site, U can find this through Google. Again I will request to all like minded persons to read about the true Indian History Dhanyavaad. I just could not depart your website before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info an individual supply on your guests?

Is gonna be again incessantly in order to check out new posts. One thing i see completely missing in this blog is Historical References. This kind of discussion may hold well in a community where people have no knowledge of history but love speculating.

In the whole article there is no reference to the source. Discussing any information without facts is called speculation or spreading false information. What I know is Prof. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.

Sir Keonraad Elst declared The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves.

Every new invader made often literally his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i. The Bahmani sultans in central India made it a rule to kill , captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions.

The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. They will update it. Hi Savy, The burden to prove Agniveer wrong in this article is on people like you. Buraa mat maannaa lekin aisaa chaaploos meine pehli baar hi dekhaa hai joh uske liye ro rahaa hai joh ek qatil invader ki tarah aayaa aur chittod mein hajaaro akaaran marwaa diye.

Ab usko markar bhi saal ho gaye. Ab uske liye rokar aap kyaa paane waale hai? Akbar ho yaa Ashoka ho — dono ne apni mahaantaa laasho per hee likhi hai. Rahi baat riots kee to zaraa Mahabharat dekhiye. Swayam Shri Krishna Shaantidoot bankar gaye the toh Mahabharat ruknaa chaahiye thaa.

Jab sarvasamartha YOGI usey rok nahi paayaa toh aap aur hum kaun hai kisi ladaai ko rokne waale? Man to nahi karta k is neeras aur tuch angrezi bhasha ka kinchit bhi prayog karun par kya karu mobile pe maa hindi humare lie kathin ho jati hai khair mai rahasya jaisa itihas batana chathta hun k jamadari humare hindu jati vyavastha me hai hi nahi ye bhi mahan samrat akbar ke hi samay k den hai hinduo ko pratadit karne hetu unse shauch uthwaye gaye tabse yeh mahan mughlai parampara ka uday hua.

Bechare jamadar to ye jante bhi nahi k unka sahi varn hai kya. Mera agniveer se nivedan hai k kripya ispar apne star se karyavahi kare. Yeh soch k Kuch muslims acche hote hain matlab har muslim ki apni ek vichardhara hoti hai jo k baki kaum prabhavit hoti hai ka mai khandan karta hun- jab election ate hai to shahi imam log elaan karte hai k kis party ko vote dena chaiye aur pure muslims ankh band karke usi ko vote dete hai. Ap jake beete elections ka study karie aur un constituency ka jaha muslim majority hoti hai k result ka phir pata chalega k ye sb ki jab upar se elan hota hai to kya sahi hai aur kya galat ye nhi sochte.

Main kehta hun k we r indian par jake un kashmiriyo se bolwao jai hind jo humari bhartiya sena par pathar barsaate are jo srinagar me lal chaowk me jhanda fahrane na de 26 january k din wo kahenge jai hind ha ha ha are apka sar kalam kar denge wo unki chodie agar apne b kahi dhoke se jai hind bol dia to unke beech. Hume ekta ka path padhane wale jake hyderabad k muslims ko padao phir pata chalega unke ghar ke khanjar me kitni dhaar hai. Sayandeep ji dhanyawad ap ab humare mat ko samaj rahe hain- hum koi dharmik kattarta failana nahi chahte hum ek jagruk vichardhara ko failana chahte hai.

Humara des seculer isilie hai kyonki majority hindu ki ha. Godhara kand ko narendra modi par aise aropo ko lagakar yaad kia jata hai jinka koi adhar hi nhi par un 59 nirdosh budhe bacche aur maasoom jo preplanned tarike se bewajah zinda aag k hawale kar die gae jise high court b man chuka hai ke lie nhi yaad karte ye mahan budhjeevi secular log.

Is gupt va sacche itihas ko hi nahi apitu vartanan me ghat rhi ghatnao se sote hue hinduo ko jagana hai ,hume apne milne walon se charcha karni chahiye. Harpal is vichaqdhara ko promote karna chaiye.

Sayandeep Stop saying galat history, one thing is sure dat u r not a history inttelectual and u r from youth bcoz humare mahan budhjeevi imandar sarkar ka goal hai to be seculer atah mughals ki asli history ab aj k syllabus me rahi nhi aj se 25 saal purani history school books ko padhne walo se miliye aur yadi aj ki date me akbar ki asli history janni hai to graduation level ki history books kharidiye aur padiye.

Please kuch naya likhe pramad k sath. Umerkot has many sites of historical […]. Do not worry all such sites will be banned after rule of Taliban here as in Afghanistan. Man singh and bhagban das gave their womens to akbar n recieved profits, however they n their clan in rajputs was rejected by hindu community, that is why now days they r denying the marrige of jodha bai to Akbar.

Except in Rajputana their Clan members r treated as Neech in all over India. Jai bharat jai hindutva, music, maths, yoga, concept of god, poetry, dharm, spirituality, ayurveda, astrology, space science, surgical treatment, natak kala aj kal films.

Aur na jane kaun kaun si vidyaen dene wala bharat hi hai. Muje garv nhi k mai bhartiya hun muje ghamand hai is baat ka k mai bhartiya hun. Muslims kaise hote hain jake un 3 lakh kashmiri hinduon se pucho jinko 15 saal pehle gilani n brothers ne babar jaisi policy apna kar kashmir se bhaga diya. Is desh ki seculer janta kya kehna chahegi is par. In the Ethiopic texts, Mr E.

Alexander realized that if he were to continue fighting he would be completely ruined. He requested Porus to stop fighting.

Porus was true to Indian traditions and did not kill the surrendered enemy. Mr Badge further writes that the soldiers of Alexander were grief- stricken and they began to bewail the loss of their compatriots. They threw off their weapons. They expressed their strong desire to surrender. They had no desire to fight. I have realized your bravery and strength. Now I cannot bear these agonies. WIth a sad heart I am planning to put an end to my life. I do not desire that my soldiers should also be ruined like me.

I am that culprit who has thrust them into the jaw of death. It does not become a king to thrust his soldiers into the jaws of death. Another myth is propagated by the Western historians that Alexander was noble and kind king, he had great respects for brave and courageous men, and so on.

The truth is other-wise. He was neither a noble man nor did he have a heart of gold. He had meted out very cruel and harsh treatment to his earlier enemies. Basus of Bactria fought tooth and nail with Alexander to defend the freedom of his motherland.

When he was brought before Alexander as a prisoner, Alexander ordered his servants to whip him and then cut off his nose and ears. He then killed him. Many Persian generals were killed by him. The murder of Kalasthenese, nephew of Aristotle, was committed by Alexander because he criticised Alexander for foolishly imitating the Persian emperors. Alexander also murdered his friend Clytus in anger.

The Indian soldiers who were returning from Masanga were most atrociously murdered by Alexander in the dead of night. You are going too far to clear the concept. If Alexander was really noble and kind, he would not have thought of conquering the world first of all. Noble and Kind people love peace NOT massacre. Alexander had respect for bravery and courageous men — What rubbish? If some one goes for fighting and people oppose him, then they want to fight with him. Obviously they are brave.

Alexander was opposed by many NOT only Porus. He conquered them all and came to India — where is respect for bravery then? It was done by A Mughal probably. Because some Muslim scholars call Quran I feel that the true conqueror of the world was someone like Buddha. He conquered minds of people NOT body.

Mr Agniveer can you prove what you say or you just make imaginary stories because it interest you and you may easily convince people. Was you forefathers family involved in it. Pointing is easy to prove it is even difficult. Can you plz point me out that your abrahamic religion is bereft of looting, invading, raping, mass murdaring, polygamy, sex slave, pedophilia and all bad attributes???? I can prove that your religion is nothing but a threat to humanity………..

It is wrong to say that Akbar was secular. If that was so why did Tansen have to convert to Islam to become 1 of the navratnas in his court? I want to draw your attention that an animated film is being made on the Taj Mahal supporting that Shah Jahan made it. This should not be allowed as children will learn false history from it.

Hindus need to write the correct history books for children to read. The head of ASI is a muslim who likes to renovate old tombs of obscure muslims rather than project ancient Indian monuments. Qutub minar was meru stambh made by Mihir and Taj mahal was a Hindu temple but hindus are duped into believing that these were made by muslims.

Red fort is being projected as having been made by Shah Jahan who merely converted it into a muslim style monument. I think Hindus mustunite and take back these monuments. The 23 rooms in the basement of Taj mahal should be opened. Allahabad should be renqamedPrayagraj as it is a holy city for hindus. We need Hindu historians and ASI officials. We need to be belligerent otherwise the space for hindus will go on shrinking. Why do we still have this ugly name? Why do we still have roads dedicated and honoring ugly barbarians like Aurangzeb in the capital of this county??

I have real problem with your partiality. You just say that only muslim kingdoms killed but butchery of hindu kings also are legendary. Rajputs were always at strife and some even held small fwe acre fiefdoms. Many invited muslim invaders against their country men. Prthviraj, Rana sangha and others were defeated due to treachery of their own kin. I think kin strife is common or powere. Akbar had revoked jizia every where and man singh died of natural causes and even outlived akbar.

If Hindu kings had so much why could they not acheive this rule. Even now caste system is praciced which excludes the majority. I wish Hindus allow conversion. Akbar was a sufi which deviated from his birth faith Sunni-hannafism. He infact made hole a court festival. I think historically your point of view is flawed. I am not saying you worship people like Ghori or Gazni.

But history says Akbar was different. His reign was the golden period for India. Did you know that Tulsidas was a contemporary of Akbar. During war atrocities has happened and many will not forget it. But tarnishing one person is not fair. We need to acknowledge that hw brought order and unity to the subcontinent which was separated along the lines of balkans.

Imagine if we never have the akhand Bharat, only the confederacy and economic union is possible for us because hinduism as a glue never held india. Thehinduism practiced in Kerala is different from that of North India. I myself have seen it. As a malyali many rituals were confusing when I went to varanasi.

Even the architecture was different. Only economic power and pride can sustain us. I have only the problem of selective tarnishing with out comparing him with the larger kings in India. I have one question though why not abuse the rajput kings who could have stopped the plunder by getting together. Invaders always came but what was stopping us in getting them out.

Even in you have to notice the Hindu sepoys and muslim soldiers went to Delhi to unveil the standard of the Mughal king. They did not go to anyone else Thank you. You are saying that Akbar was a great human being? How could he be? Refute the points raised by agniveer. You are trying to say about the rajputs. Sister, Rajput may be attributed as the army of the society.

For thousands of years they are fighting defensive war. Let me ask a question. Why Babur came in India?? For doing welfare for Indians??? Sister I must say either you are a deceiver or have been deceived. Akbar was a drunkard, invader, looter, misery carrier to hindus.

Flying donkeys can all appeal to you not ……… ——Invaders always came but what was stopping us in getting them out. But some ancestors of us were looted, raped, severely punished , forced to adopt your false religion. You invadors always tried to vanish Hindu Dharm but you could not do it for last yrs or so.

It is a shame that perverts with such thinking exist. This seems to be a post from a malicious person with agenda of creating nuisance.

However, Agniveer is resolved to break the last brick of any birth-based casteism. For Agniveer, and as per Vedas, shudra is one who is not educated.

The author of this comment is hence a Dasyu and deserves severe reprimand. Do you know who a chamar is? The one who deals in leather chamra is a chamar. So, all those associated with the leather industry are chamars. If you do a bit of research, you will definitely find a chamar at home or may be in your extended family, friends, neighbors, or relatives.

Naman, you seem to be an idiot. Did you know you were born Shudra? By your above comments you are disgracing everyone younger to you who have just took birth in your family or your children in the future who will be born because as per Vedas, everyone is born Shudra. Shudra, as Agniveer Ji has mentioned, simply means an uneducated person. So logically we were all born uneducated. Do not discriminate, my friend. If you can teach those dalits to atleast tell the truth then i will think about all this brotherhood.

It is the fault of birth based kshatriyas, they did not defend the country from persians and arabs. Namaskar Agniveer ji Thank you for answering.

This site gives lot of informations and we are proud that your are spreading light of knowledge among us. In hinduism caste come from father and not mother , but most ancient texts purana,buddhist and jain texts confirm that Maurya were kshatriya and nanda were shudra. Now if our caste system is on the basis of work then every king should be called kshatriya protector then why they call nanda as shudra empire.

If you want to carry out a conversation, you need to make effort to do so. Your response to the questions posed here will help in first making clear that you do NOT have any ulterior motive. Now, as pointed out by others here already, there are more than one ways to interpret and understand caste as the Vedas are silent on caste divisions:.

Brahmins were NOT powerful in ancient times. Brahmins were those who dedicated their life to the study of Vedas and in some cases barely subsisted on the support provided by Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. There was division and dignity of labour and it was a practical measure needed to ensure well-being of society. You cannot have a society where everyone is a farmer or everyone is a king.

The British invasion led to the Brahmins securing plum posts in the Raj and the marginalization of Shudras. The British held onto power precisely because of this policy of divide and rule. I condemn it and slowly there is a growing outrage within Hindu society about such blatant abuse of the caste system.

So, non-Indians cannot be Hindus? I hope you condemn such discriminatory practices. The wounds of centuries of caste oppresion are deeply ingrained in society and time and economic upliftment are the only solutions to this difficult problem. Let us help ALL Indians regardless of their caste or religion. Watch what you say if you dont want the ban hammer strike down your IP.

I will appreciate if you show some level of manners and respond to the various posts here instead of tangentially talking crap. Well, if you are confused, then use your common sense. I already explained to the meanings of the terms. Like in modern-day sociology, the society is divided up in classes and subclasses, so also, there was a division of the society in ancient times, based on the kind of activity people were involved in, and therefore, we have castes which are in fact sub classes like sonars goldsmith , lohars blacksmith , mallah boat rowers , etc.

Caste label is as permanent or temporary as the the longevity or brevity of the profession that you remain involved in. We have to undo the misdoings and wrongdoings of many generations.

It will not happen overnight. In as far as the movement by some dalit activists to deliberately malign hinduism, forget not, many of them are either christians or pseudo-christians, and also there is this phenomenon of reverse discrimination.

We will have to handle this issue very delicately, while there is genuine grievance on one hand, there are behind-the-scene players that we will have to fend off. Thanks for sharing the beautiful Shloka from Manusmriti. Hope it helps nishant to come out of the stupid mentality of birth based caste system. THEIR IS no historical evidence to show them as of lower caste, their literature is dated in 17th and 18th century whereas their kshatriya origin is mentioned in buddhist,jain and purana which is dated BC.

Broad brushing like this is useless and actually detrimental. Aryan invasion theory is probably a commie concoction. Sure there was migration and assimilation, but invasion? As if one side was the victor and the other side the vanquished? In any case, birth-based caste system is to be condemned. This website is against it. Could you take your tirade elsewhere?

Do you even know why do have castes in our society? The caste system was actually a division of labor: Brahmins intellectual class , kshatriyas warriors or the protective class , vaishya business class , kayastha skilled labor class , and shudra unskilled labor class. With the passage of time, this caste system became rigid and became a bane for the hindu society. By birth, each and every one of us are shudras unskilled.

It is only with proper guidance and personal endeavor, that one becomes a brahmin intellectual class , kshatriya warriors or the protective class , vaishya business class , or kayastha skilled labor class. Get your facts corrected. By the way, I smell something fishy here.

You are either an incorrigible fool or someone trying to subvert the mission of agniveer by raising such emotive issues and taking intransigent positions. Do you agree that the Abrahamic God engages in large-scale discrimination compared to which man-made caste system is like a walk in the park by condemning non-believers to eternal hellfire?

I think both of you are correct in doubting his motives. Probably he is some Jihadi in Hindu disguise. And even if he is not, he is among those fools whose Dharma used to get impure while eating with a so called lower caste human but remained secured even after getting their idols ruined under the feet of Jihadis.

And it is well known tactics that dalits and shudra steal the surnames of upper caste people. I request all of you to read Manusmriti to clear all your doubts.

But about chandragupta Maurya all the info is because of Buddhist legends hence the explanation of buddhist text will be given preference , their is no other official source of info about Mauryans apart from the oldest buddhist texts. Infact many believe that even Nanda empire was kshatriya as its impossible for a sudra to even think of becoming a king and i agree to this point as well. Mauryans were Aryans , and no Aryan is shudra or dalit in hinduism. Aryans were mostly Kshatriya and brahmin.

These all are myth and nothing is found in literatures whereas go and read the most ancient buddhist,purana and jain texts, Maurya are simply referred as kshatriya of solar race. This theory showed that it is the characteristics of dalits and shudra that they want to copy high caste like they are copying surnames of upper caste, no upper caste men adopt lower caste surname. The other two are stories like he was son of nanda prince with a maid MURA this is not possible because their is no written info about father or mother of chandragupta maurya.

Blabbering without knowledge will not help here my friend! You are not aware of Varna Vyavastha among Arya people based on Vedas. In constitutin we are OBCS but similar to yadavs kshatriya who are also in obc or gujjars they are kshatriya in veda and purana but OBC in modern era. More info about Maurya-At its greatest extent, the Empire stretched to the north along the natural boundaries of the Himalayas, and to the east stretching into what is now Assam.

To the west, it reached beyond modern Pakistan and significant portions of what is now Afghanistan, including the modern Herat and Kandahar provinces and Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran. I dont want to show any caste down but just giving info, search about mauryas on net , they are related with RAM ramayana as they are suryavanshi kshatriya clan. Huns were declared as Kshathriya Rajputs at Mount Abu after these invading huns forced brahmins to declare them as kings.

Huns were ardent lovers of horses and a hun will die if his horse is taken from. Romans kidnapped horses to defeat huns at battle of Gol. The only Rajput whom we can accept as true ruler of india was Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan.

Another rajput called Jaya Chand cheated Prithviraj by not sending armed forces when ghori attacked second time in A. So we have to blame the lack of unity among our kings for our failure. Rajputs refused to help Shivaji when he was fighting against Auranghazeb.

Only one sensible Rajput man singh has helped shivaji to escape from agra and take revenge on mughals. Sikhs refused to join forces with Marathas when Ahmed shah Abdali attacked Delhi. So result is clear. Those who are acusing Ashoka of violence, please use your reason. He did lots of wars and killed many people in Kalinga wars.

So are Rajputs and other kings in india who killed each other. Kushanas invaded india because of our infighting and Kanishka became emperor but he realised the greatness of this country and renounced violence. Gurjars came from Samarkhand in central asia and initially they killed many hindus and budhists during their invasion but later they realised their mistake and adopted hinduism. Everybpdy does mistakes, nobody is perfect.

Ashoka atleast learned from his mistakes. Chandragupta Maurya was a hindu and also a Jain. By the time alexander arrived at indian border, India was under the rule of Nanda empire whose ruler is a pshyco and a regular rapist.

So just becoz he is a hindu, will u support him? Those who were saying alexander was defeated by Purushotham is wrong. Alexander lost half of his army in that battle and Purushotham was defeated after 11 days of war but alexander liked the bravery of Purushotham. Greeks were already vicitms of persian atrocities for years.

This place is full of maniacs. But AKbar case is different. Akbar was not interested in conversion business. He wanted to be ruler and gave freedom of choice for people. Remember he gave up islam when he was 39 and started following Hinduism and Jainism. He even offered prayers at Thirumala temple and sent his general for expansion of the trust. Everybpody can oppose radical islam but blindly hating somebody who is a muslim is wrong. I hate pseudo-secularists also but we should not become extremists.

Economy decides the strength of a nation and our economy suffered for years till it was liberated. Humayun, Akbar and Dara Sheikh are the only muslim rulers who tolerated non-muslims in india. We should accept facts and don;t deny the credit. If we follow emperor ashoka, the ashok chakra will fly even of rawalpindi. Islamabad will become hindupuram. Is lam abad may not be a far cry if there is war.

Such an ugly and racits murderous title is still there. Thanks for Congress they never allowed to remove these ugly names, though Connaught place was promptly changed to Rajiv Gandhi chowk for some strange reason. All these ugly names should be removed.

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